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Свердлоу - О коронавирусе (апдейт), Трамп, жизнь чужих (видео на англ)

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Свердлоу - О коронавирусе (апдейт), Трамп, жизнь чужих (видео на англ) Empty Свердлоу - О коронавирусе (апдейт), Трамп, жизнь чужих (видео на англ)

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Coronavirus Update/Antidotes; Trump’s Passover ; Sexualizing Youth; Alien Life

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Свердлоу - О коронавирусе (апдейт), Трамп, жизнь чужих (видео на англ) Empty Re: Свердлоу - О коронавирусе (апдейт), Трамп, жизнь чужих (видео на англ)

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текст на англ:
hello everybody its dr. Stewart Allen

sport club and John and Diane Morgan


and this is the expansion's News podcast

for the first week of March 2020 and of

course the very big story that I have

repeated to the last couple of weeks is

about the corona virus and President

Trump has recently made a press

conference where he said the Democrats

are actually wasting time going after

him about this and in the latest

exchange between the White House and

congressional Democrats over this virus

outbreak each side urges the other not

to politicize the potential crisis and

also attacks each other with it and of

course he says the President Trump says

that he has done everything that he's

can't possibly be doing right now to

contain the virus and that the Democrats

were robbed what they're saying about it

and on this past Thursday vice president

Mike Pence became the country's

coronavirus leader or czars that are

calling out on the news and that he

would he's Americans fears by citing the

low numbers of US cases and the virus

that originated in China calling the

risk to Americans low and he says we

continue to prepare to whatever may come

but the reality is that because of the

actions that President Trump took

literally you know ending travel closing

the borders the people coming in from

China establishing the quarantine

process setting up a task force that

these are unprecedented steps and that

they hadn't been taken we would be able

very different position right now

and President Trump had previously

blamed MSNBC and CNN for trying to make

the coronavirus look as bad as possible

saying they were aiming to panic markets

open to these diseases and that is


and as I mentioned to you previously

this whole thing is designed to scare

the public to destroy the economy not

only in the United States but globally

and especially to punish China for

having trade agreements with President

Trump of the United States and I will

mention again that this coronavirus has

a 2 percent mortality rate and I'll have

to keep in mind and originally I had

stated on on the on our website that in

the United States every year mend among

10,000 people per year die just from the

ordinary flu but that is never put on

the news but I just recently got new

information and the truth of the matter

is that every year 40,000 people die in

the United States of the flu every

single year and no one blinks an eye

about it or wearisomeness or closes

schools or anything else so it is

designed to make President Trump look

bad it's all media hype yes there are

people who are sick I also know that the

ones who have a death rate from this are

most likely the people who have

previously existing conditions and have

a weak Constitution to begin with and

would have died under normal Chloe

anyway but some good news is that

Israeli scientists say they're just

weeks away from developing the vaccine

that would beat the corona virus

officials expect the drug to be

available within 90 days after it's been

tested researchers have been working on

a vaccine against the virus that was

found in poultry they now say that they

can adjust the system from the poultry

coronavirus to the human coronaviruses a

corona virus is extremely common and in

fact is the basis for the common cold so

yes this has been weaponized but it can

be defeated easily the company in Israel

is called mEagle mig al

means the Galilee Research Institute

they have developing an oral vaccination

induced high levels of specific anti ivv

antibodies in trials and the Maga

scientists say that if they can adjust

the system from the poultry to human one

that in a few weeks

it all works we will have a vaccine to

present the Quran but remember the

coronavirus and according to their

spokesperson that we are currently in

intensive discussions with potential

partners that could help accelerate the

end human trials phase and expedite

completion of final product development

and regulatory activities and as I

mentioned it is related to the common

cold I had some insight that was sent to

me from two people in China and

apparently there's a a whistleblower

I believe he's from Hong Kong is called

miles Kwok and he also believes that

there are many more millions of people

infected in China and a higher death

rate than the Chinese are reporting with

that would be unusual in a country of

1.4 billion people so the 40,000 people

in the United States die at China is

four times the population that would

make a little bit more sense many areas

are under quarantined and China now

creates this report from people in China

the prices for everyday supplies have

gone up a little but are within

tolerable range and things are in good

order in most places so what you're

seeing on the news is a lot of hyped up

staged videos they also said that a new

internet and social media Regulation Act

has just passed that will take effect

from March first the virus they said is

man-made in the lab most likely the

Wuhan p4 lab which is actually a

military bio weapon development base

controlled by the PLA or the People's

Liberation Army

the virus is innovatively created by

inserting and combining proteins from

SARS Ebola and AIDS

of course northern Italy has locked down

within ten towns South Korea seems to be

a little bit out of control they have

the most infected people it helps that

there is a suspicious death a sudden

death of Canada first corona virus

biosafety level 4 lab director general

and makes people wonder if the stock

different plumber was assassinated mr.

plumber was the key person to the Wuhan

coronavirus investigation because

Chinese spies had stolen the viruses

from the canadian p4 lab and should it

to China okay my question is why is

Canada making bioweapons and why could

they allow a Chinese to steal that if

they have security the most likely

cannot assault it to China and made a

little bit distillate there is a growing

distrust and dissatisfactions against

the current government in China they say

the virus has awakened a lot of people

and threatened the Communist control

over the nation according to this

information the vice president

Keshawn Wang is connected to the Westin


and they said that Wang has a lot of

wealth through corruption and is in the

Wall Street bankers group a

whistleblower said that he had a plan to

reduce China's population in order to

solve a lot of resource and adequacy

issues which was part of the new world

order agenda according to Q a group

represented by President Xi is working

with Trump against the new world order

and this person who sent this believes

that China is reaching a point of more

international attention in order to

change to a more democratic system and

there will be significant changes in

China starting from this year and we

expect government will be gradually

ending its regime and most likely we

will witness a new government down the

road so hopefully that will happen but

Chinese people now speaking of

whistleblowers Philip Haney a department

of homeland security whistleblowers who

is an outspoken critic of the

administration of former President

Barack Obama was found dead on this past

Friday at a forty miles east of

Sacramento California Haney who is 66

years old appeared to have suffered a

single self-inflicted gunshot wound

Haney was recently in contact with the

DHS officials about possible return to

the agency and the Washington Examiner

reported that he was also engaged to be

married so if he was gonna get a new job

and get married why would he kill

himself on a road in Illinois where that

makes sense in June 2016 Haney testified

before the Senate Judiciary Committee

where he alleged that the Obama era DHS

had ordered him to delete hundreds of

files about reputed associates of

Islamic terrorist groups Haney made the

case that several attacks in the u.s.

could have been prevented if some of the

files had not been deleted writing in

the in the hill in February 2016 Haiti

claimed Obama had thrown the US

intelligence community under the bus for

failing to connect the dots after an

Aegean Muslim terror suspect was linked

to a failed terror plot on Christmas Day

in 2009 and according to this

information the intelligence needed to

keep Americans safe Obama administration

ordered to be wiped away mr. Haney was

the author of see something say

something a homeland security officer

exposes the government's submission to

jihad so most likely he was murdered

most likely under the order of Obama and

Hillary and we shall see further

information coming out about this

hopefully in the very near future

now speaking again of a disgraceful

corruption a study by the European

Center for Law and Justice in Strasbourg

has revealed several conflicts of

interest between judges at the European

Court of Human Rights and NGOs


organizations funded by George Soros

there's that name again the European

Center for Law and Justice is an NGO

which often appears at the court to

campaign a social family and religious

related issues the study found that had

of a hundred judges who have served on

the bench of the European Court of Human

Rights in the period 2009 to 2019 a

quarter of them have strong links to

George Soros open society foundation and

two other NGOs like Amnesty

International and others which are

funded by Human Rights Watch for

instance has received one hundred

million dollars from the Open Society

Foundations since 2010 saw the NGOs

received so much of their budget from

Soros that they are an effect wholly

owned subsidiaries of his foundation the

report worst finding is that in 88 cases

judges sat on the bench ruling on cases

brought to the court by NGOs with who

they had previously worked for without

declaring a conflict of interest and

without withdrawing from the cases the

judges refusal to withdraw is a

disgraceful professional failing which

shows that your supreme human rights

body is not in fact independent but is

instead part of the veritable human

rights industry a pyramid of money and a

light a type network a professional

relationship of the top where since

George Soros with his billions Soros and

the NGOs he finances dominate the human

rights industry across the Balkans and

the Baltic States

and the report finds that the total

spending of the open society foundation

in Europe which is 90 million a year

actually exceeds the annual budget of

the European Court of Human Rights which

is only 17 million a year yes you can

buy judges and courts especially in

Europe and especially by George Soros

finally there is no requirement that

people appointed to be judges have any

judicial experience at all some 51 out

of the hundred judges who sat

on the bench there since 2009 have never

been judges or magistrates before

instead they were very often human

rights activists working for Soros or

one of his front organizations so

another global scam by George Soros and

I will make you enough bet that in the

end we will find that George Soros is

the one who ordered the release of the

coronavirus hyped and to control the

media to make people think they're gonna

die tomorrow when in fact it's less

common than the cult so that's it I

wanted to mention some things that you

can do to boost your immune system and

to make yourself stronger so vitamin C

crystals the this is distilled water

this steam distilled water this is us a

pound or 454 grams about half a kilo and

it's like under $10 u.s. you can get it

online Vitacost calm so this works

wonders if you take vitamin C though you

have to start small and build up because

otherwise because I cleaned you out it

can give you 300 something close to

bathroom we also sell methylene blue

plus and this also will help to kill the

things that bad things in you that every

any pathogen that is in your body will

be annihilated by a methylene blue plus

yeah so we do have this on our website

also in our health and healing books if

you have those we do make reference from

time to time for the methylene blue plus

and the vitamin C powder of course

amongst other things but anyway so there

are lots of things that you can do mine

pattern of course always is the most

important thing but buying into fear is

going to kill you and make you sick

before anything else well so work on

your mind and that's the whole idea of

this so-called virus and I guess it does

exist but it's being hyped way out of

proportion and that's why people getting

sick because they're afraid and so

therefore they come down so do the other

one wearing a mask useless in your eyes

no three ears you can touch something in


Wow doesn't matter you saw but they said

especially for men no you're supposed to

shave your beard well why do you think

they're doing that well the dementia

might be yes absolutely

did the mask covers your beard anyway so

what happens if you're a trans woman

with a beard well you should cover all

parts of your body so I'm just telling

you there's all kinds of things to

control the people

so speaking of interesting things that

are going on in the campaign trail out

there Mike Bloomberg's campaign chief

opens new war on Bernie Sanders did you

read a sign dick you know they're all

below me all of them you're claiming

that Bernie Sanders wrote some papers

back in the 60s and 70s and they accused

him of saying women get cancer from

having too many orgasms and his papers

and toddlers should run around naked and

touch each other's genitals right before

an auger because then they get used to

it I guess so Bernie Sanders about

Bernie Guttman said that I said back in

the 60s and 70s and then he talked about

a possible connection between sexuality

and cancer and about how capitalism

leads to a dazed humanity and sexual

deadness and sexual what did this did I

think that's nice he is that way and

then he also wrote about women's rape

fantasies Bernie did though he did

apparently and all kinds of things was

brought out by Tim O'Brien this is Mike

Bloomberg advisor one of them apparently

and he wrote such papers as cancer

disease in society the Revolution is

live versus death and so on guess what

he also quotes Austrian psychologist

Wilhelm Reich as writing about a very

definitive link about the very

definitive he says about the link

between emotional and sexual health and

cancer so anyway lots of interesting

things going on out there and kind

but I think this my Bloomberg is a

Democratic candidate to make sure that

Trump gets elected I'd seems gay that's

what I was thinking I think he's like

what the man the Republicans are paying

him to do this so that they all fail

over there because what he doesn't need

to be President I'm sure he doesn't want

to be millions in fact he was caught in

the on the on the last democratic debate

debate where he say he bought that house

seats for the Democrats not last like he

said he bought it yeah he said he'll

well he doesn't need to be president

right he can do it behind the scenes so

why is he coming up all of us in any way

and then a Trump said that because you

know Harvey Weinstein was found guilty

by thorough third degree rape and

criminal sexual act in 67 years old wah

blah so Trump was asked if he thought

justice had been done and Trump said

that he was never a fan of the disgrace

movie mogul but he added Michelle Obama

loved human cook and Hillary Clinton

loved town and the Michelle Obama called

him wonderful in 2013 and the Clinton

Foundation received up to 250 thousand

dollars from him and never gave it back

even though I guess somebody's saying

how to give it back so he's done good

right I'm sure well turn in fifty

thousand then is like you know what they

spend your dinner was lunch yeah

yesterday even dinner lunch and then

back to Israel again they keen they

can't say enough good things about Trump

so they're saying that thanks to trump

the Pascal lamb could be sacrificed on

the Temple Mount for the first time in

two thousand years because they keep

talking about him being

their prophecy there prophecy so they're

calling it Trump's deal at the century

because of that the sad had drink

sanhedrin psyche correct 700 yes

petition Israeli government finally

permits that would allow priests to

perform the ritual Passover sacrifice on

a temporary altar that when he

transported to the Temple Mount and

removed immediately after the ceremony

so if the government grants the permits

it would be the first time since the

destruction of the Second Temple that an

altar has stood in its proper place in

Judaism holiest site the threshing floor

purchased by King David and apparently

the Sanhedrin is petitioned every year

to do this and so they also have to put

us for permission to reenact it on the

Temple Mount so they do that as well in

case this one doesn't go through and

there's only one place that the

sacrifice can take place which is on the

Temple Mount and it does not actually

require an actual temple structure but

it requires the altar that is built to

adhere to the biblical requirements so

apparently they built this altar last

year and it still stands and if the

request is granted with mark this first

time an altar has stood on the Temple

Mount in its proper place since the

Second Temple was destroyed in 70 CE so

you guys want to remember they're all

there tripping all this to trump so it

goes on to say that the Sanhedrin

emphasized that the plan to bring the

altar to the Temple Mount was entirely

consistent with president Trump's

recently-released deal of the century

which recognized Israel's full

sovereignty over the site and then they

compared him to King Cyrus just like you

Cyrus this declaration by Donald Trump

opens the door for the Jews to build the

temple it is now up to us to take the

next step forward once we bring the

altar to the Temple Mount even for the

sacrifice of one lamb there's

turning back and the prophecies next

step is inevitable so this is big stuff

the Passover I think is an April this

year so it's big stuff so watch for more

things when you like your Israel in the

vaccine they're always in the middle of


this next story I actually have for you

because I knew you would like it a lot

because I know you aggress to annenberg

fans I love her so I shot

well now believe it or not there is

another German teenager 19 years old who

they're calling the Antony Greta oh well

I think I like her even more

she's a climate change denier and she's

going to speak at the Republican

Conservative Political Action Conference

that will be hosted this year she there

Collier an influencer who claims to

promote climate realism over climate

alarmism yeah on YouTube so she

apparently will be speaking in

Washington DC and she has joined she

will be joined in a libertarian think

tank and that lobbying group that

promotes climate change skepticism and

in February that's the month just

passing from us she joined the Heartland

Institute's Climate Center on climate

and environmental policy what's her name

her name is Naomi seat icy IBT see Naomi

so anyway she is now the climate skeptic

answer to your friend Greta Totenberg

good for little Greta I thought you'd do

the puppet thing because everybody loves

that they never you never come down like

that what do you don't you know yourself

nobody tells me anything

yeah forget because that but might be a

hand abuse I'm telling you do pregnant

leave you on camera they missed it all

that's why you don't know these I don't

want granite to be on camera and the

Vatican the Pope another one in your

favorite I want him to and believe it or

not there's is Cardinal son who is a

former bishop of

come and has been a vocal critic of the

Vatican's rapprochement with the CCP or

the Chinese Communist Party and he

insists that the pub that Pope Francis

is naive in dealing with a country that

he knows little about because the

Communists want the Pope to give him

everything and the Pope is doing that

according to Cardinal Zen I think I like

cardinal sin better

apparently the Vatican signed a secret

agreement with China regarding the

appointment of future Catholic Bishops

in the country and of course the deal is

so secret that even like this guy

doesn't know what's in it they can only

guess what's in it but they know that

they're giving total authority to

Communist China so Zen goes on to say

the Pope doesn't know much about China

he may have some sympathy for the

Communists because in South America the

Communists are the good guys but in

China the Communists are the bad guys

they're the persecutors so he claims

that the situation is hopeless for the

Catholic Church because now the faithful

Catholics in China are not getting any

help from the Vatican were that and when

he was in Argentina the Pope actually

when he was a priest was actually helped

the military Quinta cartoonion

so it says that the Vatican is helping

the government it's surrending is giving

everything into their hands and he says

it's killing the underground Catholic

Church in that country and he said his

experience of contact with the Vatican

is disastrous and he's particularly

upset that apparently he has a deal in

Beijing that Beijing gets to name the

bishops and basically the Vatican has to

report to the Chinese as what he sing

that's probably true so he says that

basically they're killing the

underground and they're finishing off

the Catholic Church in China and it says

the Catholic priests enlisting in the

state control of Catholic patriotic

da ssin does not recognize the authority

of Rome but they have to sign up for

their so this is pretty incredible and

that's what this guy says Cardinal sense

it's simply incredible the document says

to minister openly you need to register

with the government and to sign

something in which it says you have to

support the independent church and when

you sign you accept to be a member of

that church

under the leadership of the Communist

Party so that's what there does this is

what the Vatican is doing he says it's a

schism the schism so he said give them

your legitimizing the schismatic Church

in China and it's terrible so I thought

that was pretty interesting stuff so

don't you yes fascinating closer to home

Wisconsin just across the lake from us

apparently there's a teacher there who's

formerly known as Mark Vincent gusenberg

don't tell me that is a woman well we're

not sure because he teaches science and

an elementary school in Madison

Wisconsin and this is elementary school

he so he made a video of himself where

he was coming out to his students and he

wasn't a boy and he wasn't a girl he was

both and instead of being called mr. or

miss he want to be called mix mix mix

mix mix that's how they say it so now

mix mister mister mister miss mix wants

to be able to use the same bathroom as

the girls in his wing of his students

and his students well first of all don't

the teachers have their own bathroom

well he's claiming if he uses the

teacher's bathroom then you just go all

the way down along a little mix and down

down stairs wear a diaper and so

therefore he thinks he's being

discriminated against

case and he should be thrown out of the

school and given therapy that he should

not be teaching children so he's

claiming so he's actually bringing a

suit against the school district because

the school district said to use the

adult bathroom yeah and he so he says

well they're making up this policy

because like if a female want a female

teacher want to use a girl's bathroom

and she goes in and uses it does he have

what kind of ports but they don't say

but the interesting thing is he says to

his students in this coming out video

that he's not a boy and he's not a girl

he has a boy part then he needs to go to

the boys bathroom number one but the big

boys bathroom yeah yeah but anyways but

he wants use the girls when even though

they say he says he's a mental mentally

ill person so anyway the school district

is is a little disturbed yeah I wouldn't

think so

lack of disturbances and now this is

interesting because the parents are

bringing this lawsuit over a policy that

allows school staff to deceive parents

in order to help students socially

transition because they're claiming that

this coming out video that that mix did

is actually harmful to their students

their yeah a little bit and so now that

all this is going on so this is in

Wisconsin now even closer to home closer

Saline high school you know where Saline

is in Michigan it's over around the

Detroit area little south of that okay

this one is also a little nut it's not

in Long the same line but it's still nut

see because apparently there were

children high school high school

children and just so we all are clear on

this was african-american and Caucasian

children who are using inappropriate and

offensive language in a joking manner

and it can't amongst themselves okay

they were at home it was not at a school

event it was honest

day night they were under the

jurisdiction of their parents but the

school found out about it and the school

expelled them that's not that's not

right and so the parents of those

children who have been suspended are

bringing a lawsuit in US District Court

here in Michigan on behalf of the four

students who were who were expelled over

well that much I don't know but they

have an attorney I mean you probably

would have to expel every student in

every school that used bad language

that's the point of this so there's an

attorney David Coleman a common legal

who says that the conversation did not

occur at this goal at a school a banner

on any school equipment and while the

children are embarrassed by their

language it does not justify the schools

rush to judgment and overreaction so

this is a case again of who has

jurisdiction over the children the

parents or the school often we know the

answer to that but they're bringing it

to court so the the attorney says the

conversation of these children had

nothing to do with school it has no

authority to discipline students for out

a story and the school is acting outside

the scope of its authority has no legal

right to impose the discipline it's

carried out and violated our clients

constitutional rights by their reckless

and hasty rush to judgment and hate the

part of it says the a formal complaint

that they're filing against a school

district said just as citizens cannot be

criminally punished for protected speech

a public school cannot discipline speech

the falls within the ambit of the First

Amendment now what was really

interesting is that highlighted in the

complaint is that while there were

students of multiple ethnic backgrounds

participating in this inappropriate

conversation it was only the white

students that were suspended and then

the school went out of their way and

broadcast to the entire community how

racist these were

students were and then that school

contacted local and federal police

authorities with the intention of

bringing criminal charges so then the

police grilled the students without

notifying them of possible penalties and

the school issued again another

statement to the entire community think

how this these families must feel but

the children were guilty of an act of

racism that created harm to all of our

students especially students of color

even though students of color

participated in these discussions and

the school charged the students would

hate prejudice and racism

really I personally am offended by the

parent of color I have the color another

color so everybody is all taller I think

so that doesn't make any sense

I know and then not only that then it

goes on to say then the teachers use the

incident to condemn the kids at school

and let's see it's very I mean it's just

amazing what people are doing with

themselves just that's the main thing so

we'll see what if I hear any more comes

with this but obviously some of these

rights were destroyed then even pulling

those through home Grand Haven and Grand

Haven Michigan but there was a mother of

lakeshore middle school which is in

Stevensville community right next here

is st. Joseph Jennifer Lee stuffy so

congratulations to you

because you're up against the big fight

she found books at their local life at

the look at the local middle school I

guess lakeshore middle school that she

found offensive Bibles

no sexually explicit content okay so

anyway so the book warnings were sent in

December so she went and picked up these

books to see what's going on so one of

these books was called one man got young

remember these are 10 and 11 year old

kids so one man guy 10 and a one man guy

I don't know what that means

listen you have a book that makes sense

names of books are supposed to be catchy

Eirik Gaius yeah but the whole grouping

of words makes no sense what tell Arthur

what's the thing I'll find it it's right


Michael Baer Akiva okay one man guy is

the name of this book that's really not

the point in the name of the book that's

what I'm going to tell you next okay

okay so you can be calm a little back to

you you're the one that's curious yeah

Mike Rowe impressing me that's very easy

to do with you so anyway again let's go

back the kids who are gonna be reading

this stuff are ages 10 and 11 so that's

what I want you to keep in mind okay so

she talks about this book and she says

the book is about a fourteen year old

boy in his romantic encounter with an

older sexually experienced 17 year old

and the the 17 year old details a sexual

relationship this is in the book the

kids are reading with a college student

who lived in his home when he was 15 so

now he's sexually experienced so now

this 17 year old is pursuing a

fourteen-year-old and the book tells how

to steal from from stores and which

teachers they'd like to bang and the

thrill that the fourteen-year-old boy

experiences in a clothing store dressing

room I'm having the seventeen-year-old

look at his 14 year old naked body and

making out with him with people nearby

this is 10 dressing in the dresser these

are 10s on the ball was in the book and

then one scene leads the reader to

believe in older the older

seventeen-year-old would give oral sex

or anal sex to 14 year old Alec right as

his parents walk in this is a book for

10 and 11 year olds so the the mother

said this is sexually explicit content

whether they're gay or straight and has

no business being in the hands of 5th

and 6th graders who are 10 and 12 year

old years with the school approved that

library well that's this is what this

parent is asking so obviously she's you

know got some sense to her and then she

said there's another book in the schools

where a young man describes how much he

loved giving oral sex to people in his

neighborhood as a 6

child just this is in our libraries for

these kids so anyway some people at the

well Bernie Sanders would love that

probably and the some of the parents

claimed that this would be to take the

books out would be called censorship

yeah and they should drag the expert is

a reason that some censorship is

appropriate well I'm not going to say

it's actually censorship because if

books aren't being banned or burned

they're just removed from

age-appropriate level like if you're an

adult you want to read this stuff go for

but not for children

okay so the other parents were say well

you have to trust the experts to decide

with age with the experts that's my

question expert CNN calls him that they

don't even knows who they are they're

saying that children's book

organizations give book age

appropriateness and that's a vation to

trust so the same mother said last but

after the board meeting she was with her

sixth grade children and asked them if

it they were uncomfortable with anything

to talk to her about it

so her sixth grade son had a book that

his teacher gave him before the winter

break and he said yes this makes me

uncomfortable is about a man looking at

a girl's crotch and raping her these are

10 to 12 year olds I'm gonna teach you

good student I guess because the experts

approved it so anyway yeah now this is

the district officials response this is

in the Michigan we are a very

conservative state we should be so

district officials said that if parents

were concerned and they could check

their children's library login or they

could keep even keep them out of the

library altogether and the mother said

and I agree with her that they're

putting the burden on the parent and the

librarians should be doing that should

not be up to the parents to do the job

of a librarian so because they're not


good response from the district

officials the mother is asking for other

Grand Haven parents to fall on their

superintendents and their council people

and all of that and stand up for you the

rights of your children because this is

terrible things that are happening so

it's a the article goes on to say it's

simply ridiculous to expect parents to

do the job of the librarian in curating

age-appropriate books so parents you

really need to see what's going on your

school this is what's happening in

Michigan this is ridiculous so and I

don't believe in censorship but I do

believe in age appropriateness like I

said you don't have to ban the book or

burn the book or you just put it you

know somewhere where an adult can read

it because that's where it belongs not

for children so communicating with the

dead next up on our list

did you know that Whitney Houston is

going to have a whole grown hologram

tour probably you probably know it or

you didn't know you know that King Cole

asked if you knew that did you know that

no me never tell me anything right okay

so apparently it was eight years ago

that she died now beginning into

February what just happened

an evening with Whitney the Whitney

Houston hologram and we'll have this

show and it's apparently debuted and go

through April so the show was in

development for five years in a

partnership with base hologram and the

company used a body double to turn

hundreds of hours of Houston's

performance videos into new life

experiences so they're gonna have

professional dancers and a live band and

then those hologram on stage and people

will probably just walk to it so like I

said this is part of the beginning to

have you interact with the dead astral

stuff so it's virtual reality all this

all this stuff and then I'm thinking my

next articles on outer space which may

be more sane than what's going on in the

earth right now that the earth did you

know has acquired a brand new moon so I

really was

size of his bottle the size of a car

it's just but it's in the orbit so

therefore they're calling it a moon like

maybe it's us to you coach

well they're claiming that it's been in

our orbit for three years and they're

just not telling us about it circles the

planet once every 47 days but then

they're saying the orbit is a stable so

if that's the case and they know it's

circular circulating every 47 days it's

almost eight orbit it sounds kind of

stable to me but it said there was also

one back in 2006 just that I reported on

that one in 2006 but it is second in a

couple way yeah this gate in June of

2007 so it wasn't really a moon that's

my point that's why I was gonna show a

blueblood wonder we've got the moon this

book was started after about 2002 so

yeah that's right so this is the truth

about the moon was on the moon okay so I

thought that was kind of interesting

because then they go on to say even

though it's been three years says we

need more observations to accurately

predict the fate of our mini moon and

even to confirm that it definitely is a

temporary moon and not a piece of

artificial space debris so they're

telling you what you know but it really

is without telling you what it really is

so they could see that there's life on a

planet orbiting 40 million light years

away but they can't see what's around

the freakin moment well we know that we

can't figure out why they can do one

thing or not another it makes no logical

linear sense and then speaking of being

able to extrapolate alien stuff there's

a jellyfish like parasite that lives

inside North Pacific salmon which is the

first-ever animal that can survive

without oxygen well I like their

specifics Anna

do you like the parasite okay now this

is the extrapolation so this parasite

because it can live with that oxygen it

sheds light on how alien life could

exist on other planets okay so they

think one thing and they go

and guess what the researchers at Tel

Aviv University in Israel they're the

ones that are saying that because as

genome has only just been mapped even

though they knew about the parasite

genome genome is only just a map so

therefore this discovery can change the

search for life on other worlds as that

means life could survive and far more

diverse environments what we already

know about that decades ago I did long

before I knew you

okay so now they go on cuz we know we

have a jellyfish I know a salmon

parasite salmon parasite from there now

the Salmons gonna be a little mascot

there you're gonna have down their

little faces I guess so

because now from there this same article

goes on to talk about from this parasite

now it can include searching for life on

Mars under the icy surfaces of the moons

of Saturn Jupiter and Neptune and in

multiple missions to Mars including

searching the soil for signs of ancient

life oh also we can style sample plumes

of gas and vapor leaving the moves of

the gas giants to see if they contains

like all because of a parasite that we

found under salmon yes

silly story however it's telling you

what they're already doing obviously and

then did you know there's such things as

a Mars quake why not cuz moon quakes is

Mars clay nectar earthquakes so NASA is

revealing surprise surprise that now

they are digging below the Martian

surface they found hundreds of a Mars

quake and guess what the two largest

quakes suggest possible active volcanoes

which guess what now say there's active

volcanoes are flowing magma that maybe

there is life there but nothing just

read that looks so and it also reminded

me that now they're talking about the

volcanoes that are being discovered

under Antarctica first I call it climate

change well global warming then climate

change and now they're telling you it's

volcanoes that

I told how many years ago many years ago

so anyway that's my exciting news this

week topic so it was pretty darn

exciting wasn't much work so I thought

you the vitamin C if you think too much

of it very exciting well then you'd have

to don't tell that to mix because he'll

have to run all the way to the wrong

bath well again that's a great way yes

to use the little girls bad Debbie

doesn't want your pockets who knows

who's out there watching this mix mix so

anyway with that said I told you about

these books these mixed all that's

really good over a thousand pages of

Health and healing work these are flying

off the shelves so if your and just

didn't need to get to order it and of

course our newest books the pipe the

spirituality which support Amy between

me hope that I hope you understand why

the King bees out there I'm not gonna

tell you but y'all know what a queen bee

is do you know what it can be is so find

out all you need to get the fuckin cap

templated God mind really fascinating

stuff on this one which you always they

like things with pictures lots and lots

of pictures in their colored pictures

all kinds of stuff so they like that

that's got pictures and revelations of

time and space history and God and as I

said heights of spirituality so it's

actually a four book set that is up for

you I actually brought my own book

revelation you're dead do you know what

you reveal to yourself know what's in

the mirror it is yes wow Mike amazing

you a micro aggressing Nick and I told

you earlier that it's easy for you to do

that there's a lot of material to micro

aggressive that's all okay okay

you have it so rough they have well

actually sign up right away because our

next series of webinars self-healing

webinars are starting the first

Wednesday in March and then you won't be

able to side to begin until April and

when you just have our April May

sessions before we break for this for

the season so this is a great group that

we have going on and then we have I

guess you're better off ready to leave

I'm not here right now to already

someplace else wait I see this yeah well

unless we get it right up right away no

and then then after that up in Puerto

Rico Ecuador and then a Malta in April

there might tell people they can still

sign up here Quito they can't still sign

up for the Quito that's the open

enrollment day what's stuck everybody in

the room yeah so like if you want to

walk in the door last minute but in


well the the lectures in Istanbul and


you can come oh yes on car they can't

come because I have people asking about

that and your sponsor told me they were

already filled in the private oh really

yeah oh no again then the first April 24

26 is full and then I always told that

May is like even awful long but she

doesn't say I can't have more people if

if we can get a hotel that's the issue

right now in Turkey so if you want to

know the main event let us know ASAP

because that one is hotel because that's

height of this tourist season in Turkey

because of the heat and later on in the

Tsar yes

so you if you want to come try to sign

up I don't know if you'll be able to but

you can try then God willing we will be

going to Italy well you will be going to

Italy my clear health and healing trip

and I remind you of all of my beautiful

mountains I am NOT the photographer but

they were all taken up where we will be


you know path of the ancient ones and if

you're not familiar with the well

mentioned people this gives you some

very excellent history those are my

ancestors and believe it or not many

people have all dungeon ancestry that

they're just now discovering and

uncovering so that's an amazing trip and

then we will be stopping by Iceland for

those about you who want to have the

add-on tour about five days they're

landed the Midnight Sun and that I'm so

excited because it's like 24 hours light

so instead of a five-day trip is kinda

like a 10-day trip you know snap a

little here and there that's it so that

should be a lot of fun anything else you

know the Icelanders say the whales are

not in danger no but it's a part of mind

controlling you to believe a lot of

things in our truth that polar bears are

dying and the whales are dawning mother

bear's have to eat each other now that

I've that was it latest in fact there

are so many polar bears and in Northern

Iceland they actually just shoot them

because there's so many of them that

they're attacking people mom when we

were in Svalbard we found the same thing

yeah so there's lots of things going on

unless you travel and see for yourself

and talk to the people you don't know

you'll only know another name the reason

and Greenland visit or watch out for the

Great the polar bears because they're

all over the place this is more polar

bears than people yeah that's your own

Greenland and Iceland and more

especially smaller other places yes so

don't believe what the news tells you

seriously that's why you gotta listen to

our podcast and then you've got to do

your own research and you have to decide

for yourself because if you don't take

control of your own mind other people

are gonna date good job oh yeah

credits given well there's a anything

right now good is gonna get it after

this the telling you right now that shut

up Greta

don't we all right until next time


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