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Межпространственные световые существа 4 серия Косм.Раскрытия и видео на 1 серию

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Межпространственные световые существа 4 серия Косм.Раскрытия и видео на 1 серию Empty Межпространственные световые существа 4 серия Косм.Раскрытия и видео на 1 серию

Сообщение автор dimslav Сб Сен 22, 2018 1:58 pm

Новая - четвертая - серия 12 сезона Космического Раскрытия с Нури и Смитом, без Уилкока
Межпространственные световые существа

GEORGE NOORY: Welcome to "Cosmic Disclosure. I'm your host, George Noory, and I'm here with Emery Smith. Interdimensional beings... are they ghosts? Are they extraterrestrial? What exactly are they? Emery Smith, welcome back.
EMERY SMITH: Thanks, George.
GEORGE: Emery, when we talk about interdimensional beings, what are we talking about?
SMITH: We're talking about a race of beings hundreds of millions of years ahead of us that have already been able to master how to change their form. They are allowed to switch their atoms and photons around to take almost any form they want and travel through time and space. It can go from a light body to a 3D body. It can change its frequency at will to go to another dimension. It can phase in, phase out, bleed in, bleed out of multiple dimensions. That makes it an interdimensional being.
GEORGE: At any time?
SMITH: At any time by its own will.
GEORGE: Are they physical, or are they somewhat ghostlike?
SMITH: Yeah, that's great question. I get that a lot, because a lot of these sightings and things people are referring to them as ghosts, or people report ghosts being seen when they're really these interdimensional beings. The interesting science behind this is that when an interdimensional being enters our dimension, he falls under the laws of our three-dimensional reality. So he has to take some sort of form. But don't forget, light is form, too. So that can be visualized by our five senses here on planet Earth, or through our solar system in this universe, in this dimension. in this universe, in this dimension. So as they come through, they might change from a light being into a form of their choice, or they also could stay in the light form. So many accounts that you've heard in history books and around the planet of these ghostlike sightings... now, some are ghosts. Which means if you were to pass away right now, your photons will still be in that chair for 30 days or more. And so this is what I'm getting at the photons of the genetic makeup of the DNA is always there. Even when we leave our seats right now and come back tomorrow morning, we're still going to have our resident energy's still going to be here.
GEORGE: How do these interdimensional beings, Emery, kind of come through to get here?
SMITH: Right, we hear about this bleeding through the dimensions. And how that is because they are allowed to change form their frequency, sound before form. By changing frequency... and everything's a frequency our DNA. Everything around us is a frequency of some sort that can be measured scientifically. So they can actually vibrate themselves and change their frequency and disappear right here, and not be seen but still be here in some form. It's kind of like an advanced leletransportation system. Think of it that way.
GEORGE: Are they coming through a gateway or a portal?
SMITH: Nope. They have mastered the ability to vibrate at a frequency for different dimensions. So there might be many dimensions right here right now around us, and because they can change their frequency, they can be in that dimension right now. Remember, there's no time or space. Everywhere in the present is right now, right here. So they're not traveling over millions of light years to get here. We're talking about the higher dimensional beings that are able to do this type of science.
GEORGE: There was an old classic "Twilight Zone" episode called Little Girl Lost," and it was about a little girl who somehow fell out of her bed into another dimension. Is that kind of like it is?
SMITH: Well, there are areas around the planet and areas that can open up where these energies of the different dimensions sometimes fall within the same frequency and they overlap. And when that happens, these little gateways these openings to other dimensions form. Like in the old saying around Halloween and October The worlds are at their thinnest." And it allows these ghostlike creatures to come through, and you can visit your family. And there's a lot to that being said with extraterrestrial technology with these interdimensional beings. And it also has to do with different parts of the planet have these openings there all the time. So things can form. They can open up a gateway especially ET craft
SMITH: interdimensional craft. And sometimes when they open up a small area, well, that could stay open for a while when a craft comes through it. It might stay there.
GEORGE: What if it closes? What if it closes?
SMITH: Right, what if it closes?
GEORGE: And you're in there?
SMITH: Well, your frequency probably will stay there.
GEORGE: Now, these interdimensional beings are they biological at all?
SMITH: Well, of course, absolutely. Don't forget... sound, light, and form. But when they come here, they can take a form if they choose to, or they can stay in the light form. It's up to them how they want to frequency vibrate here and how they want to show whoever they're communicating with. Maybe they want to only communicate through sound, and you hear tonalities. The study that we have that we've gone through with other extraterrestrial beings that it's more of a tonality, but they're there. You can't see them, but you can hear them.
GEORGE: A lot of times, Emery, we get stories and reports of these interdimensional beings, but they always seem to be alone. You never seem to hear stories of them coming in pairs, or 10 of them, or 20. Why not?
SMITH: Well, that's not my experience. I mean, a lot of these interdimensional beings have traveled through time and space and have been able to open up right in a fabric of time and space, and you might just see a small ping pong ball of light, and that could be a whole civilization.
GEORGE: Really?
SMITH: Because there is no size when it comes to these interdimensional beings. So you have to think about the physics and science behind that- of how to represent that when we're educating the public that there is no size to anything when you're talking about interdimensional beings because they are able to shift their atomic structure into light. This has been going on for millions of years on planet Earth, and the way they communicate is like I was just talking about earlier about tonalities and frequencies, and also taking the manifestation form of maybe a human being, and then helping us get more technologies and giving us ideas of how to improve ourselves.
GEORGE: Are we are interacting with them with technology, or is it more consciousness?
SMITH: Well, consciousness is the basis for all communication and for all the science behind interdimensional and multidimensional creatures. However, there are devices that they are working on to spot these people and the satellites that pick up subtle changes in light.
GEORGE: High technology?
SMITH: Very high technology Such as the neutrino light detectors and the satellites that pick up subtle changes in light. These things allow us to see these beings. and see their craft when they're cloaked.
GEORGE: Almost like night vision goggles?
SMITH: A lot better than that, but that's also reverse-engineered from extraterrestrial capture.
GEORGE: Exactly. Are interdimensional beings different from extraterrestrials?
SMITH: Interdimensional beings are extraterrestrials, kind of like we are extraterrestrials in our genetics. So the answer to that is they are one of the most advanced extraterrestrials in our dimension here in our society.
GEORGE: How evolved are they?
SMITH: They're the most evolved. They can change from
GEORGE: They're at the top of the pole, huh?
SMITH: physical to light... They can travel anywhere, any time, and any place. So they're very mature, and they're very conscious beings. People who see angels and things like this, I really believe these are the interdimensional beings. We've all been programmed since day one. Many of us growing up in religious families and reading the Bible and reading stories about fairies and angels and trolls and these things. So the best way for us to comprehend this is to when you don't believe in another race or extraterrestrial, well, when you see something like that, you're going to put it into your own words, and your mind's going to come up with its own vision and its own answer to that. So I think a lot of this is how else am I going to explain this beautiful light being that's in front of me? Well, of course, it's an angel. That's what I learned growing up. If we don't exist, I don't think they're going to exist. ? A lot of the genetics that we have tested on many beings have a direct relation \to our own human DNA. Now, why are beings 10,000, 100,000 years more advanced than us have our DNA in them? Even though they have mutated over millions of years, it's kind of like a hodgepodge,
GEORGE, of planet Earth. Look at all the races we have, and all the continents.
GEORGE: And the species of animals, and everything else.
SMITH: Yeah, and the species and all of us interacting as humans and flourishing around the Earth and having different types of races intermingle. Well, think of that on a universal scale. Think of
GEORGE: Oh, that could be just tremendous if you could harness it.
SMITH: And then animal species and the mammal species and the human species intermingling, and then we go amongst the stars in the next 1,000 years and intermingle with other human-like beings.
GEORGE: In the programs you have been in, have there ever been any ways where they've communicated with these interdimensional beings that you know of?
SMITH: Well, I've worked with some extraterrestrials that might have been interdimensional, but they had a form. And a lot of these beings were just communicating the way I communicate with you, but telepathically. And telepathy is a type of communication. It's a type of a language that you have to learn when you're working in these projects with these beings, because telepathy is based off a lot of your frequency and emotional state as a human being. So if I'm really upset and I walk into an operating room and I am assisting a physician and an extraterrestrial and I had a really bad day and I just say, Hello," it's more like, (GRUFF Y) "Hello They pick up on the emotion. So you have to really clear your mind and clear your spirit before entering into these projects when you're going to start your day to work, because they pick up on all the stuff. And they are kind of are in your mind, because they have the ability to know everything you already know. So there's no secrets with these beings.
GEORGE: Some people have said that these beings are not benevolent. What do you think about that? It's a possibility I only know one really evil race of beings, and that's the human race here on the planet Earth, because we kill each other. But I have not been subjected to an evil race of beings yet that I have worked with or I've seen or intermingled. Not to say that there aren't, because if we are, then there's got to be more
GEORGE: Yeah, some have to be evil
SMITH: ...more of us, yeah. There's always got to be some evil intention out there. But I do believe in a type of galactic federation that does not allow beings that are going to do bad things to go amongst the stars. We've been quarantined to our planet until we get a little bit more conscious and take care of the planet and each other. and then I think we'll be able to go amongst the stars in a conscious effort to work with other extraterrestrials and other societies.
GEORGE: They're told not to come here and annihilate us?
SMITH: Yeah. I think what's going on is they, too, George, were once us, and they had to go through this, too. They had to become more conscious and take care of the planet and take care of each other. As a parent, you would look on your children, and yeah, you're going to say you did bad, but at same time, you were there once too, so you know there is this learning and this maturity that you have to go through before you get there. Now, I think we were already supposed to be there 100 years ago, but because we have this control factor there's many planets out there that started around the same time we did, and they're a lot more advanced than we are because they didn't have this control factor of these corporations and people trying
GEORGE: Too much greed here.
SMITH: Yes, too much greed got in control of this planet. And we're working through that. And what we do here affects planets all over the place. So getting back to your question is they want us to evolve in a safe and effective way, but they also don't want us to blow up the planet or destroy each other.
GEORGE: Why would these interdimensional beings come here in the first place? because the planet is so diverse and dynamic, unlike other planets, (with the water and the air and all the species down to the bacteria and the phytoplankton and the oceans. So they come here to see this. You have to understand, the Earth has been visited forever and ever and ever.
SMITH: Many times.
GEORGE: Of course.
SMITH: So we have a history Earth ? that we have to uphold to. Which, we've been here millions of years, and so the visitations are still coming, they're just coming from a little bit further away, because it's not so safe to come here anymore because we'll blow them out of the sky. And they know this is happening, but they're hoping things are going to change.
GEORGE: Interdimensional beings and plasma beings are they the same thing?
SMITH: Well, plasma this is another form, like air and water and gas. Plasma is this fourth state. And it can form into that. It can be part of these beings plasma state. But to say that the being is all plasma - no.
GEORGE: That's not the case.
GEORGE: How do they interact with each other? Do they?
GEORGE: Do they have emotion? They have emotion. They're very comical. And just like I'm speaking to you they just do it through frequencies and tonalities and telepathy. So a lot of the beings that you might see in pop culture they have really small feet, and they only have a really small mouth. Some of these beings... they don't need a digestive system ? because they can form the nutrients just from thin air.
GEORGE: Do they procreate?
SMITH: Yes. Not only do you have little entities, these beings also have pets. They have many different species, like we do here on the Earth, that are used for companionship.
GEORGE: Do they have emotion?
SMITH: Yes, they do.
SMITH: Yes, they do. These beings- when you get around someone that's really loving and fun and bubbly, it rubs off on you. When you
GEORGE: Oh, you can feel it.
SMITH: Go out with your friends.
GEORGE: It's infectious.
SMITH: It's very infectious. They have the ability to make you feel like that instantly instantaneously if they wanted to.
GEORGE: Do they ever come through to is dimension where we are, and they look like us, and you would not know the difference?
SMITH: They're walking around the planet right now, and you would not know the difference. I get this question where people are like, well, What's the little quirks they have that you could figure this out?
GEORGE: Yeah, do they have elongated heads, or anything like that?
SMITH: And some of them, I have to admit, maybe their ears are just a little bit different, or maybe it's just something different that you notice that you don't usually see on normal human beings.
GEORGE: Eyes different? A little twinkle in the eye?
SMITH: Eyes might be a little bit different little bit bigger, little bit further away, little things like that. But it's really impossible just to unless you've been in these projects and have really studied the morphology of these beings to really know if... if they were sitting right next to you ? you wouldn't know. Or walking through New York streets, you wouldn't know. But working around them, you might catch on a little bit on physical characteristics and quirks like that, but you would have to be around them for a while to pick that up, I think.
GEORGE: Are governments and secret programs, corporations working with them for any specific reason? they're working with them in the projects to assist with technologies and engineering and geological things that they need help with. Some have been captured and have decided to stay with us. That being said, I think? it's a positive thing to show a species from another planet coming here to help just work with us by volunteering.
GEORGE: Now, when I hear the word interdimensional, Emery, I think of something multiverse. Is that conceivable? Is that what we're talking about?
SMITH: Right. Yeah, multi-dimensional just means there's different dimensions and interdimensiona is the actual going from one place to another.
GEORGE: To another.
SMITH: And the multiverses that you hear about on TV and science is that. It's the different dimensions that are overlying each other right here, right now. And the only way to get there is by changing your frequency.
GEORGE: And the gateways, again, fascinate me these portals that may be out there. bases on different ley lines around the planet, and they use these areas because the energy signatures have been shown that these are gateways to other places in the universe.
GEORGE: Places that we want to go, or places that we don't?
SMITH: Well, that’s not for me to say. ? AII's I know is there’s these portals that are around the planet... and in the oceans- that are protected that they're testing, and they are using these, and craft are coming in and out of these. Not to say there are craft, by the way. But they are monitoring these, and they're trying to reverse-engineer these and duplicate these. And there's lots of in the classified projects, lots of videos, documentation, and pictures and briefings on how these devices work, but it has to do with the energy of the planet is how they are operational. And also, there's some way to turn them on and off. Now, there are ancient structures here on the planet that are just always ongoing. What's not to say that we haven't explored definitely the oceans that much here that there's other areas that are maybe always on and active that maybe a craft flying over the Bermuda Triangle all of a sudden disappears? It's like
GEORGE: Who knows?
SMITH: ...what's going on, here? So there could be these rifts in time and space that, during certain astrological times of the universe, that these things open up and things go missing.
GEORGE: And close.
GEORGE: And Close. Now, let's tie this back into secret programs. Somewhere along the line, I think, governments are aware of the ability to travel in space through portals or time warps. They know about these entities- these beings. Something else is going on here, don't you think?
SMITH: I think it’s limited to a very few governmental agencies, militaries, or even presidents of many countries. I don't think it's a widely known thing. I know, just like we have our compartmentalized projects, military doesn't know what they're doing, but they might be investigating something themselves on a lower
GEORGE: Sure. usually the security for all these compartmentalized programs. When people are like, oh, Smith was claiming he worked at Sandia Labs and Los Alamos Labs no, they didn't write my check. I was working underground in that facility where each floor is rented out by a different corporation.
SMITH: So I mean
GEORGE: How long were you down there?
SMITH: I was in the military for seven years, and I was only in the projects for about four.
GEORGE: Did you stay down there almost 24/7, or It was a 9:00 to 5:00 job at I would report to.
GEORGE: Oh, so you could come up to the surface and
SMITH: Yes, yes. There was only a few times that I got locked down there because they had incidents and things were going south for whatever security reasons, and you might have to spend the night there a couple nights until it gets cleared up.
GEORGE: If interdimensional beings are coming here, are we going there?
SMITH: Like I said, because the portal technology that I •was exposed to and the time travel stuff, we're definitely traveling somewhere. I don't know where exactly.
GEORGE: You haven't gone.
SMITH: Yeah. I don't know where we're going. Well, I've been through portals and time travel
GEORGE: But not other dimensions.
SMITH: But not other dimensions that I'm aware of.
GEORGE: Now, what do you mean by that?
SMITH: Well, sometimes you might go somewhere even just going to work on some of these maglev devices that you hear about in pop culture sometimes things happen and you end up in a place that doesn't look so natural compared to like it would on Earth.
GEORGE: Will we ever get help from these interdimensional beings?
SMITH: Yes, I really believe that. I believe that if more than half of the Earth's population's going to be compromised which, one nuclear warhead, it would be
GEORGE: Absolutely.
SMITH: if a major destruction of the planet because of earthquakes or other things were going to happen where, like I said, more than a third of the Earth would be destroyed, I do believe they would definitely intervene which they have done on and off in times where volcanoes and earthquakes were going off. see these ships People would always coming in out of the volcanoes when it's happening, because they're trying to neutralize the cataclysmic event. So I think they would definitely intervene if something like that was to happen, and we would definitely get our hands slapped for that.
GEORGE: What would you say to somebody who would say to you, Emery, I woke up last night, and in my room was this being that just appeared and disappeared. What would you tell them?
SMITH: Welcome to my world. I would ask them I mean, if they had this has happened to me, where friends and family and colleagues have called me and don't want to talk about it. Especially for a first-time person to see something like this you think you're ready for it, and a lot of our CE-5 expeditions, we bring a lot of, sometimes, media with us. And it's funny, because you think you're ready for it, but when you actually see it, it doesn't fit into your reality. But it's there, and you know it's there, and you feel it. I would tell that person, well, what happened? Did it try to communicate? Did you try to communicate? What was the events that happened the night before? Were you meditating, or did you have a close encounter of the fifth kind? What's been going on? So I'd be more interviewing them and trying to find out why this being chose this person to expose itself to, because there's a lot of risk for an ET to expose itself.
GEORGE: What is the fifth kind that you mentioned?
SMITH: A close encounter of the fifth kind is when you reach out and try to communicate with extraterrestrials. The government doesn't want you to do this, because there's actually an FBI file on me, unfortunately, because I'm contacting extraterrestrials and talking to them. And it's so sad, because what gives anyone the right? And I figured it out. It's a backup plan for the United States government to fake an alien invasion an extraterrestrial invasion
GEORGE: Which is Project Blue Beam?
SMITH: Well, I don't know what the pop culture terms are for this. I just know for a fact, 100 /o, because my FBI people told me this, my CIA people told me this to warn me... that they're making a file of people like you, and when this happens, you're going to be incarcerated, because the story is you brought them here. And this is going to be a fake invasion. You've probably heard this conspiracy theory before. But it's sad to know that after all I've done, my name is actually on there on an FBI file saying we got to watch this guy, make sure he's not talking too much with them, but also documenting it. So if they want to pull that card, they can. And no one was even going to know. All the people that are involved with these types of things are aware of this, that do CE-5's. But it's a sad thing to know that I'm a backup plan, I'm a terrorist. They label me as a terrorist because I'm
GEORGE: They treat you as such.
SMITH: Well, nothing's happened yet, but the fact that there's a big file on this it is worrisome. But it's ridiculous. It's another one of these let's have the support of the nation to fight this terrorist here who brought these evil aliens here to destroy us.
GEORGE: You've been through a lot of stuff.
GEORGE: If you were to write an autobiography about your life, how would that last chapter end?
SMITH: I would finish the book by giving my own opinion of what the future's going to look like for us. Our lives are getting easier. We're living longer. Very positive things are happening on the planet.
GEORGE: You're really upbeat.
SMITH: I love it! I'm so thankful to be here at this time and make a difference, because I just see the future, and it's so grandiose, if we could just get our act together. .And I believe the cities are going to improve, the pollution's going to go away. We're going to be able to clean up this place, and it's just going to be the most magnificent place in all •the universe.
GEORGE: Emery, thanks for being on "Cosmic Disclosure."


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