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Дэвид Айк новое на англ Everything You Need to Know About Conciousness But Have Never Been Told

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Дэвид Айк новое на англ Everything You Need to Know About Conciousness But Have Never Been Told Empty Дэвид Айк новое на англ Everything You Need to Know About Conciousness But Have Never Been Told

Сообщение автор dimslav в Вт Май 14, 2019 4:34 pm

В этом видео Дэвид Айк представляет блестящую лекцию, которая изумительно подробно отвечает на один жизненно важный вопрос: что такое сознание? Дэвид делится своими невероятными знаниями о том, что такое сознание на самом деле. Дэвид также показывает нам, кто мы есть на самом деле и выход из кризиса. Сознание так важно для нашего опыта и остается одной из величайших загадок современности. Ум, как его определяют древние, - это само сознание, больше, чем просто логика, разум или болтовня разума, это также создатель порядка, приносящий согласованность хаосу и жизнь неживому.


I is an English writer public speaker
and former media personality best known
for his views who and what is really
controlling the world a very important
question he is by far the most
controversial speaker so I can't say
thank you
he's by far the most controversial
speaker in the world and has written
over 16 books explaining his position
his 533 page the biggest secret
published in 1999 has been called as the
conspiracy theorists was rosetta stone
his latest book everything you need to
know but never have been told has seven
hundred and sixty two pages of
incredible eye opening and
thought -provoking facts I'm pleased to
say I've not only ready once but I'm
actually ready twice just so they made
sure the important stuff really does
sink in ladies and gentlemen what can I
say please give a warm welcome to David
very time oh very time thank you very
much oh well I'm talking for an hour and
a half which is I'll probably get
through the middle of the second
sentence in an hour and a half
knowing me because I've had bans on
healing and I've had the crystal therapy
but I still got verbal diarrhea I can't
shift it and so I've been asked to to
ponder on this question what is
consciousness and I've thought about it
I tell it there's no no way of making
this a a kind of a square rather than a
long is it because the image is a square
anyway I've um I pondered on this
question what is consciousness and I've
thought about it and I've decided that
what is consciousness
it is everything so um that's it thanks
for coming have a nice day hope you
enjoyed it have a nice journey home
but in that one sentence consciousness
is everything everything changes because
our perceptions of consciousness is that
it's in here somewhere and it's nowhere
else when consciousness is actually
everything so what is consciousness it
is information all information comes
from consciousness what their hell else
or where else is it going to come from
you know the source of all information
is consciousness
people say oh what about the information
through this machine or this gadget well
where where do you think that
information has come from who's built
the gadget who's had the idea for the
gadget what's been programmed to
communicate through the gadget it's all
done by consciousness everything is
consciousness thoughts are information
thoughts are information they're
information for ourselves we have a
conversation with our self through
thought and thoughts then manifest
outward and become other form
of information ideas wisdom stupidity
perceptions and reactions of all kinds
are information manifesting from
consciousness emotions are information
all that exists is information and we
communicate these thoughts through
language and other forms but the source
of it all is consciousness in different
states of perception so we talked about
them the great information society and
the great information grids but what are
except consciousness interacting with
itself it's just an a technological
expression of consciousness and we not
only communicate through thoughts and
consciousness in the world of the scene
but in the world of the unseen which is
almost everything that exists by the way
and so through the generation of
frequency thoughts emotions they're all
different frequencies depending on the
thought the emotion and the intent
behind them we are generating these
frequencies fields we call thought and
emotion and we are interacting with the
infinite field of consciousness beyond
the world of the scene so potentially we
can have an information exchange if we
open our minds and allow it
between expanded consciousness going out
into infinity and the five sense mind or
we can close the feist tens mind and
only operate on that mind Ute fraction
of possibility so we live in an
virtual reality we effect the reality by
what we put out in terms of
consciousness in the forms of
information and its various kinds and we
are affected by the information we
receive from the hold what is reality
information interacting with information
and put another way its consciousness
interacting with consciousness
everything is consciousness and
ultimately the same consciousness we are
not our labels we are the awareness
experiencing the labels so many people
are disconnected from their true
infinite self and it's influenced by a
self -identity with labels I am a man I
am a woman I am black I'm white I'm
Jewish I'm a I'm a Christian I'm a a
Hindu I'm a Muslim these are just
experiences that our consciousness is
having but we are being manipulated to
self -identify with them and thus
diminish our perception of the true self
we are in fact infinite awareness
experiencing itself and Ethel down the
checkout and Bill driving the bus is
simply a name for another experience
that infinite awareness is having to
experience itself so what we call human
or extraterrestrial or any of it is a
point of attention within this infinite
awareness and how vast or narrow this
point of attention we allow it to be
dictates our experience reality and
hates the society in which we operate
and of course not all not all
consciousness points of attention are at
the same level of awareness I rest my
so what is consciousness
it is awareness it is a state of being
aware beyond all form when you get down
to the true eye it is a state of
awareness but how aware that is what
dictates everything how aware because
the more aware we become the more we
understand the reality we're
experiencing and if you are a
manipulator that wishes to control the
target population you want to control
that perception so it's as narrow as
possible and in that sentence I've
described the global conspiracy and why
the few control the many because the
beyond the world of the seen which is
absolutely tiny as I'll come to is
infinite possibility and you try to
manipulate hoaxes people who are opening
their minds to be on this reality and
getting insight inspiration awareness
from beyond this world of the scene it's
a nightmare but if you can if you can
heard people just into the world of a
scene I get every one or per eight only
on five sense levels and perceive
everything through the five senses then
you can so control their perception that
you can control them so we can be having
an experience a point of attention
called human and interacting with this
reality through what we call their five
senses but not
mesmerized controlled and limited by
them because we can open our awareness
beyond the five senses out into that
great field of possibility and
probability and potentiality whether we
can get insight and understanding and
intuitive knowing that the five senses
do not provide or we can get so focus so
isolated in five-sense reality alone
that we self identify with our labels as
being who we are instead of being what
the true eye is experiencing now that
this point of attention also dictates
our point of perception and perception
is what dictates everything as I'll come
to that's why this whole global
conspiracy is about hijacking human
perception because they know that from
that everything else comes and a point
of attention and perception also becomes
our point of self -identity if we only
perceive the $0.05 world and we look
around us from a $0.05 perspective that
everything is apart from everything else
nothing's connected everything's random
and we are little me I have no power
what can I do and it's this control of
our self -identity that ultimately
controls our collective reality because
these are two perceptions of
self -identity one says I am all there is
has been and ever can be having an
experience called my name my culture my
income bracket my religion and this says
those labels are me it's all I am
I'm just little me I have no power and
because I have no power I have to look
up to Authority to tell me what to think
and tell me what to do because I do not
have the capacity to do that because I'm
just little insignificant me and these
two what are nothing more than
perceptions will create dramatically
different experiences because perception
becomes experiences in ways I'm going to
come to and isolated consciousness what
I mean is the focus of attention is so
much on the five senses that we cut off
the influence of the greater self
isolated consciousness is a manipulators
dream that's why they want us there
because it's perception without radar
without context this comes into this
whole you Fei X UFO extraterrestrial
arena to us how come to perception
without radar if your only perception
your only influence is five -sense
reality then where are you going to look
to to get your fix on this reality who
you are where you are what the hell is
going on you're going to look into this
reality to get that information because
it's the only reality you perceive there
to be and what comes back the education
system the media political speeches
Silicon Valley and that's when we become
in the world and of the world because
this is the perception of this world is
all there is and you can't have context
and context is everything because you
can see things as individual happenings
and individual people and in and of
themselves they look a certain way but
connect them together and how they
relate to each
give them context and those very same
people situation organizations
happenings look totally different than
they did before so perception is the
creator of reality and that in the
shadows I would say ultimately non -human
knows that and it knows that if it could
control our perception it will control
our reality because perception is where
all life is played out and all
experiences made manifest again for
reasons I'll come to Leonardo DaVinci
said our knowledge has its origin in our
perceptions and to a certain extent
that's true because our perceptions are
dictating what knowledge or information
we allow in and absorb and accept and
make part of our reality in which we
reject so that is true but you can look
at it another way that all our
perception has its origins in our
knowledge in our information where do
these perceptions come from they come
from information receive this might take
the form of a personal experience it
might take the form of the nine o'clock
news it might take the form of some
academic at a university but from these
sources of information we construct our
perception so if you can control those
sources of information you massively
impact upon people's perceptions of
reality knowledge is from information
and from information and knowledge comes
perception and that knowledge doesn't
have to be accurate it just happens to
be what you believe and this is the key
perceptions of frequencies so every
thought every emotion is a frequency
well known now and the nature of the
thought the nature of the frequent of
the emotion the nature of the intent
behind it
dictates the frequency this is why
people are who are in states of anxiety
or depression they say I feel so I feel
so so heavy today yes because that
dictates a low vibrational state thus it
feels heavy and together perceptions
operates on different frequency bands
according to the nature of the
perception so that perception of the
world and self -identity will be a very
narrow band of frequency why because
that is reflecting a very narrow band of
possibility a narrow band of self
perception this is vital to how we
create reality as we'll see now that
perception of self and reality is a much
more expanded much higher frequency band
and therefore it will manifest a
different reality and the nature of the
frequency that we're operating on
dictates whether we are stuck in that
box that $0.05 perceptual prison or
whether we start to access reality
beyond it and start to be inspired by
knowing intuitive knowing by by insight
by an awareness beyond the five sense
world of media and mainstream everything
as Einstein said everything is energy
and that's all there is to it match the
frequency to the reality you want and
you can't help to get that frequency and
so perception is all and this is the
gateway this is the gate
that opens to going beyond this mind
prison we call human society accidents
happened that's what everyone says but
in a quantum universe there are no such
things as accidents only possibilities
and probabilities folded into existence
by perception because our perceptions
and the frequencies they operate on
dictate what we manifest as experience
this is Verner Heisenberg one of the
pioneers of quantum physics
he said atoms are elementary particles
themselves are not real and they're not
they form a world of potentialities or
possibilities rather than one of things
or facts this is this realm of
potentialities and possibilities that
we're interacting with all the time and
how we interact with it is dictated by
our perception and our self -identity
this field this infinite field of
consciousness of awareness that I'm
talking about beyond the world of the
scene is this quantum field of
potentialities and possibilities and how
much we interact with that how far we
get out into it dictates our experience
in our possibility if we perceive
ourselves to be little me I've got no
everything's apart from everything else
I know my betters I know my masters I
must obey them then that narrow band of
self -identity becomes the narrow band
within which we interact with this field
of potentialities and possibilities and
thus what we manifest out of that
potentiality is an experience that
matches the range of and state of
section which we are interacting with
that field if you see yourself as
infinite awareness having an experience
potentiality of all that is has been an
ever can be then you start to interact
with this quantum field of possibility
and probability in a much more expanded
way a much more high -frequency way and
thus the experiences and possibilities
that we pull out of that field become
massively expanded compared with the
previous picture because they're
matching the perception of self and
reality this is why when people go
through this process many people in this
room will have will know what I'm
talking about when they start to what's
called awaken in other words break out
of the program they start to realize the
synchronicity that suddenly comes into
their lives
the amazing quote Co what coincidences
the kind of miraculous things that
happen and they see why didn't happen
before because you were there before now
you're there so the potentiality of
manifestation becomes massively expanded
and it is only limited by our sense of
limitation nothing else and you see this
as a phrase I used in the books what you
believe you perceive and what you
perceive you experience and we see it in
the placebo effect where people take a
certain drug in a test and they take a
sugar pill and people on the sugar pill
respond in the way the drugs supposed to
have made them respond and there I've
seen studies where people have been done
put on these blind trials these placebo
trials for boldness remedies and the
people on the sugar pills have started
growing hair because the Percy beau is a
belief in the effect which becomes the
effect people go to places like Lourdes
and some of them have what are called
miraculous healings through to divine
intervention but is it is it divine
intervention or is it a belief in divine
intervention because our perceptions
become our experienced reality
firewalking I've seen people many people
in this room maybe I've seen it two
people walking through friar
that's impossible mate you can't even
seen it without getting burned but if
you go walk through the fire with a
belief a perception that you're going to
get burned then they'll be calling an
ambulance you'll be burned but going to
another level of reality that doesn't
interact with potentiality and
possibility in the same way and you can
walk through fire and not get burned
because an illusion can only burn in
illusion if you believe perceive it can
this is the power we have that has been
systematically and is systematically
deleted from us from cradle to grave
the game of life perception is all Bill
Hicks a great American comedian died far
too young all matter is merely energy
condensed to a slow vibration we are all
one consciousness experiencing itself
subjectively there's no such thing as
death life is only a dream and we are
the imagination of ourselves and our
imagination of self our perception of
self becomes our experience self and
this is why this whole system of control
is absolutely focused on hijacking our
imagination of ourselves who creates our
reality we do but there's a big proviso
on that which I'll come to as we go
along how do we do it how do we create
this reality well when you look it
computers in the internet and Wi -Fi that
is just a technological extension a
technological expression of how we
create the reality we think is so real
there's probably Wi-Fi in this building
and if there is where is it no one can
see it and if you said to someone who
knew nothing about computers or Wi -Fi or
Internet in this room is a field of
possibility probability and information
that you can access anywhere in the
world and pull onto a screen that anyone
anywhere in the world with a computer
can see people didn't know about
computers they didn't know about Wi -Fi
they'd say you're mad where is it my
five senses cannot see it therefore it
cannot exist where is it
but of course when you get to a position
today where people know about Wi -Fi they
know about computers or the internet and
you say you know this a field of
information in this room and you can get
oh yeah yeah we have Wi -Fi oh no brother
and you know the difference between load
of rubbish may and you don't know about
that information that's all it is and we
are interacting with this infinite field
of consciousness of possibility and
potentialities in exactly the same way
and it's like cosmic Wi -Fi and I call it
also the cosmic Internet we interact
read on a waveform level on the
electromagnetic level on an electrical
level and we manifest this world we
think is so real in the same way that a
computer manifests the world of the
internet people you know you say to
people what is the Internet they would
say it's websites and it's graphics and
it's moving pictures and it's images and
it's text yes it is
but only on the screen
nowhere else is the internet like that
everywhere else it's radiation
information fields and electronic coding
and all that stuff only on the screen
does the Internet we perceive as the
internet exists the only place this
reality we call $0.05
physical reality the physical world
exists is in our heads when we have
decoded it in just the same basic way
that our computer decodes Wi -Fi the
foundation of this reality this this
construct we call the universe
this interactive reality we call the
universe is waveform waveform
information and through the five senses
the waveform information becomes
electrical information and then becomes
holographic stroke digital information
as we construct a reality just like a
computer disk instructs that reality
from Wi -Fi in our heads the world we're
convinced is outside of us because
that's how we experience it is actually
inside of us even words are waveform the
same process as I'm speaking now my
vocal cords are creating waveform
vibrational fields of information
only when the hearer decodes that
information from the waveform to the
language that we perceive that I'm
speaking now only then do we hear the
words it's not words that pass between
us it's information fields that become
words when they are decoded into
language so the waveform becomes the
digital becomes the holographic illusory
physical and that's the reality we are
experiencing now this so come to shortly
puts this whole extraterrestrial UFO
arena into a completely different light
a light
we're those that have described their
experiences which from a five cents per
perceptual level sound impossible and
can be quite logically and easily
explained what are the five senses they
take waveform information they turn it
into electrical information they
communicate that to the brain and the
brain decodes that into digital and
holographic information that we call the
external world these different parts of
the brain specialize in decoding from
different senses and then the brain as a
whole constructs this reality this is a
Western philosopher called Alan Watts
who had a lot of great things to say I
think he died in 1975 without the brain
he said the world is devoid of light
heat weight solidity motion space -time
or any other imaginable feature all
these phenomena are interactions or
transactions of vibrations with a
certain arrangement of neurons put
another way this isn't real what is real
how do you define real if you're talking
about what you can feel what you can
smell taste and see then real is simply
electrical signals interpreted by your
brain and what interprets those signals
perception and this decoding of this
information is it's done like this this
is from a mainstream science magazine
every second 11 million sensations
crackle along these brain pathways the
brain is confronted with an alarming
array of images sounds and smells which
it rigorously filters down until it is
left with a manageable list of around 40
40 from 11 million
thus 40% stations per second make up
what we perceive as reality the
possibility is for manipulating that
reality are infinite losing time and on
abduction piece of cake and I was seeing
a video this week by a neuroscientist
who was saying that the way the brain
constructs reality in the way I'm
describing is from prior expectations
what it perceives reality to be is how
it will construct reality now that
connection is mmm so massively opening
the door to perceptual manipulation but
I would go another step and I would say
rather than prior expectations to a very
very large extent they are programmed
expectations programmed expectations
that come from a lifetime of programming
that we call human life this
neuroscientist also said that the eye or
is a controlled hallucination generated
by the brain well it might be generated
by the brain or from the brain but it's
generated via the brain because what is
the brain decoding to create this
controlled and loosen ation information
received control that you control the
elucidation the reality that we
experience is generated by information
received by the brain and interpreted by
perception we keep coming back to the
same word because this is the foundation
of everything so one of these controlled
and loosen ations is that the world is
outside of us when it's here all along
and if you can manipulate a computer to
dictate what it takes from the Wi -Fi
field and puts on the screen so you can
do the same with humanity if you know
what you're talking about
this is max planck another pioneer of
quantum theory I regard consciousness as
fundamental I regard matter as
derivative from consciousness personally
I regard matter as an illusion caused by
this particular frequency and the way
that we decode it but this is a gives
you an idea of how crazy it is this is
by a scientist called Robert Lanza in a
book called biocentrism and he's
describing what happens for us to see a
candle and a flame just a simple thing
like that the flame he said is emitting
photons or tiny packets of electron no
electromagnetic energy each pulsing
electrically and magnetically these
invisible electromagnetic waves strike a
human retina and if and only if the
waves happen to mention measure between
400 and 700 nanometers in length from
crest to crest then their energy is just
right to deliver a stimulus to the 8
million cone-shaped cells in the retina
each in turn send an electrical pulse to
a neighbor neuron and up the line this
goes at 250 miles per hour until it
reaches the optical lobe of the brain
this is the piece the back of the brain
that decodes visual reality in the back
of the head there a cascading complex of
neurons fire from the incoming stimuli
and we subjectively perceive this
experience as a yellow brightness
occurring at a place we have been
conditioned to call the external world
the reality that we think we're
experiencing is nothing like what we're
really experiencing does a falling tree
make a noise only if you
here is what that's crazy no it's not
because when a falling tree makes a
noise just as my voice becoming words
has to have a decoder receiver to do
that another person so the tree Falls
what it does is disturb the energetic
field and create a vibrational
disturbance if there's no one there then
it makes no noise if there's someone
there that disturbance is decoded by the
hearing senses into electrical form sent
to the brain and the brain hears the
sound of what we call a tree falling now
put all this together and suddenly these
apparently fantastic impossible
descriptions of experiences by people
who've who say they've interacted with
extraterrestrial beings entities takes
on a whole new level of simple
explanation everything we call real said
Niels Bohr another great pioneer of
quantum physics everything we call real
is made of things that cannot be
regarded as real this is an atom we told
that atoms make up the physical world
and that's why it's physical the atom
has no solidity you've got the nucleus
you've got the electrons going around it
and the space between them is absolutely
fantastic the the space that is depicted
on this screen is only there to get it
on the screen in truth it is vastly
greater than that atoms that have no
solidity and in the end if you go deep
enough the nucleus and the electrons
have no solidity cannot a solid world
make but it doesn't have to because the
world isn't solid currently I am walking
around in my own
had my own perception my own controlled
hallucination here's a great quote if
the nucleus of an atom were the size of
a peanut the atom would be about the
size of a baseball stadium if we lost
all the dead space inside our atoms we
would each be able to fit into a
particle of dust and the entire human
race would fit into the volume of a
sugar cube there is no physical only the
decoded perception of it what we call
physical reality is holographic that
actually is not outside of us that
appears to be appears to be which
appears to experience it like that it's
inside of us human life is like watching
an interactive virtual reality movie the
question is are we going to watch it
with a headset on and see it in the way
that those that wish to dictate events
want us to see it or are we going to
open our awareness and see it in the
panorama beyond that and thus look back
at this world and go it's a piece of
yes exactly what it is
her hoax and illusion and what is
happening when people play these
sophisticated computer games they are
hacking into the same $0.05 decoding
process through which we create our
reality through the headset through the
gloves through the their headphones the
brain is being hijacked
it's information source it's normal
information source is being overridden
and thus it creates a reality which as
technology expands and expands is
getting closer and closer and closer
to the reality that we're experiencing
as the world and these computer games
can seem so amazingly real because the
brain has been hijacked using the same
basic processes that we create this
reality from and like I say the more
sophisticated they become the more real
they become and people can be inserted
into our reality through this virtual
reality anything can so maybe these
people that described their experiences
with non-human entities may not be as
crazy as the five senses would perceive
them to be the physics of this of
computer games is the same basic physics
as our reality the internet computer
games all these things are technological
mirrors Plager eyes ations of reality as
we are decoding it and there's a reason
for that
just my opinion I've had it for a very
very long time that this level of
five -sense reality is actually a
simulation and this is not so much a
world as a information source that we
are decoding into a apparent world and
because it's a simulation it's not
natural it's been created i suggest by a
nonhuman force that i write about in my
books and this is why when people say
well if we create our own reality how
can i see them light and everyone sees
them lights and everyone sees this and
ever sees this car everyone sees this
house because we are decoding this basic
construct we call the world in the in
the same way that we decode computer
games and you're not going to see it if
you're in this world and of it or you're
gonna have is that information source to
try to get a fix on what the info
and sources ie the world we're
experiencing your your perceptions your
consciousness beyond the program beyond
the frequency limitation of the program
then you start to get insights into this
world you might not go out there and
look back and see it but you hear
somewhere just know perceive have
insight understanding intuitive knowing
about the world that you live in because
you are further you are not totally
being controlled by information received
by this simulation the five sense level
is if that's all we operate on so this
is the real world that people talk about
which is not real at all and so when
people talk about the fact that they
were beamed up on some beam of light
into a ship then people react again
again it's all about information it's
like the Wi -Fi or a load of rubbish oh
yeah I understand that yeah if you
believe the world is physical and solid
and the human body is physical and solid
then first of all this and anything for
instance like shape-shifting impossible
once you realize it's not solid it's an
information field and you can have
hybrid information fields which are
different what we would call genetic
forms then you can move between the two
and to the observer as they decode that
information field in here it appears
that you have shifted from one shape to
another and people say you can't do that
you can't go from a solid body to a
solid body no you can't but there is no
solid it's all information fields being
decoded and so when people say a
physical body cannot be taken up into a
ship on a beam of light but there is no
physical thus anything becomes possible
once you realize that and keeping people
in the dark means people are going to
dismiss things that are happening
because they cannot perceive how they
could happen this is mainstream science
we can't understand how it can happen so
it can't be happening and if what one in
the UFO extraterrestrial research arena
will know that one instead of looking at
something as say will look at the
evidence it is happening so how is it
happening which is what people with true
intelligence do and this is how
ridiculous it is this reality how we
loser it is the observer decodes it this
is a mainstream media story your entire
life because more and more stories are
coming out even from some areas of
mainstream science now that are saying
this your entire life is an illusion new
test backs up theory that the world
doesn't exist until we look at it
there's another word I'll use instead of
look at it in a second quantum mechanics
states reality doesn't exist until it's
measured I would say this reality does
not exist until it's decoded and the
process of focus the process of what
they call looking activates that process
of decoding just like the falling tree
makes no noise this reality when it's
not being decoded is a way form
information construct your mind can
control matter says physicist atomic
particles were shown to be also waves to
so many scientists would be bamboozled
by how can something be a particle and a


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Сообщение автор dimslav в Вт Май 14, 2019 4:35 pm


well because it's a wave and then it is
decoded by the act of observation focus
and becomes a particle but they're just
two aspects of the same information
whether they manifest it
waves or as particles this story says
depending on whether someone was looking
decoding observation influenced physical
reality of the particles in more
technical language observation collapse
the wavefunction decoding collapses the
wavefunction into the holographic world
that we think is outside of us they call
it the observer effect in science I
would call it the decoder effect this is
a Nobel physicist John wheeler no
phenomenon is a real phenomenon until it
is an observed phenomenon a decoded
phenomenon until then it's a wave form
information field and crazy thing too is
that all this is going on in a narrow
band of frequency so tiny it's laughable
the amount of infinite reality ie
infinite consciousness that we can
perceive is ridiculous to the point of
insanity according to mainstream science
the electromagnetic field what we call
light is naught point naught naught 5%
of what exists in the universe
some say it's a bit more but not much
and all the rest you know the scientists
talk about dark energy and dark matter I
don't actually buy that explanation in
the detail that they they present it but
it's safe to say that all but a tiny
fraction of reality this universe
included is not seen by us and even more
hilarious is that within the naught
point naught naught 5% all we can see of
that is that sliver we a call or
scientists call visible light that is
the only world that we can perceive
through the five senses and if we stay
those five senses and perceive only that
we get our perceptions from that
brackets deeply limited us perception of
self -identity from that brackets deeply
limited and we end up in a frequency box
of perception
while infinity lies beyond it and so
because we can see such a narrow band of
frequency again when people say look I
saw this UFO it just appeared out of
nowhere and then it disappeared our no
way into nowhere or somebody says all
this entity appeared in front of me and
our nowhere no I mean I didn't come here
just this was just there and then it
disappeared five cents press ENTER
because that's what it is information
press ENTER get the reaction the program
reaction that's ridiculous you can't
just appear and disappear well if you
appear or enter the frequency band that
people are decoding into what we call
the visual world then they will not be
decoding you not be decoding you they
enter now suddenly they're decoding you
to the observer they've come out of
bloody nowhere they happen at all
they've entered the frequency band that
we can see a same when they leave same
thing again these things are simply
explainable but only with any kind of
basic understanding of reality and
that's why this system does not want us
to understand this they want us to think
this is all physical this is all real
it's all outside of us because then we
will West our hands away constantly
saying not possible that can't happen
that's ridiculous why are we enslaved by
illusion because there's nothing wrong
with illusions decoding illusions
illusions only controllers when we think
they're real and believe they're real
when we know they're illusions are we
decoding and we can play with them we
can have fun with them the reason that
these illusions
or enslaving us is because they're meant
to I can't go into this now because I've
got I want to stay on this subject today
but there is a web of human control that
ultimately goes into the realms beyond
this realm of human sight into the
unseen realms and has a non -human origin
a nonhuman spider at the center of the
web if you like and then comes into our
reality in the form of bloodline
families secret societies and so on
which are dictating events in the world
of the scene and the whole foundation of
this control is control of perception
for all the reasons that I'm talking
about who creates our reality we do but
we do in the sense that our brain
decodes interprets reality but it
interprets reality on the basis of
information received thus whoever
controls the information received if
it's not filtered by an awakened
conscious mind dictates the perceptions
on which the brain decodes and
structures and constructs this
controlled hallucination and if you can
hijack what information people receive
you hijack their perceptions you hijack
the way they decode reality and it
becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and
of course until relatively recently
scientists thought because you only what
you get with scientists what we know is
and what you mean may is what you think
you know is now and you'll know
something else later
what we know is they said once the brain
is formed then that's how it is now they
realize that's not only nonsense the
opposite is the case
because of something called brain
placidity where the brain changes
rewires itself
on the basis of what information
received this is why all this smart
technology in all its forms is changing
the human brain because it's a vastly
different information source to what was
there before and therefore if you
through your life are continually
receiving the same information the same
perception of reality your brain will
rewire and reroute itself to constantly
create that self -fulfilling prophecy got
your perceptions got you and this is why
human life when you look at it from a
from outside of the illusion is one big
program to impose a perception which
imposes an experienced reality I call it
the tunnel vision program among other
things not for a family audience it's a
prison for our mind a prison for our
perception and I also call it the
postage -stamp consensus because what it
is is a narrow band of possibility and
what do you need to to interact in an
expanded way with the fields of
possibility and potentialities you need
an expanded sense of the possible what
this postage -stamp consensus is is a
squeezing of the possible and from
cradle to grave that's basically all the
information that people ever hear or see
and thus it becomes their normal
everybody knows that mate and the
postage -stamp consensus can be also
described as on question belief we
receive this information from from
cradle to grave from parents from the
education system and the media and all
pressure and we don't question it
that unquestioned belief perception
coagulate solidifies into a lifelong
perception of possibility and another
part of this postage -stamp
consensus hoax is familiarity which also
is an expression of unquestioned belief
when something becomes familiar it is no
longer questioned it becomes a gimme
it becomes an everyone knows that it
becomes of this is the real world mate
but when you question the familiar and
I've been doing that for thirty years my
god it does not stand up to scrutiny
because it's a hoax the vast majority of
it and the idea is to keep people
walking from cradle to grave within the
band of perception of this postage -stamp
consensus never deviating either way and
one of the reasons that they do not want
people to have confirmation beyond
question of extraterrestrial
interactions with planet Earth is
because imagine what would happen to
human perception of possible human
perception of self -identity and reality
if suddenly people realize beyond any
doubt that there was extraterrestrial
life out there I look at the night sky
personally every night and I go I think
there's a chance because what would
happen you'd be off in all directions
postage -stamp consensus would be dead
and buried in a day and that is the
conveyor belt we are supposed to stay on
for from
cradle-to-grave what consumes your mind
controls your life and this whole system
of control is about consuming our minds
with complete frickin bollocks which may
explain why we have so often a world
that syncs with that so we come out of
the womb our parents who've been through
the system we're about the go through
start to influence our perceptions in a
very short time we go to school and
college University and the state postage
stamp consensus is downloaded day after
day after day after day after year after
year after decade after decade and then
you go out of the world of school and
you go into the world of work and
instead of must do what the teacher says
becomes I must do what the boss says and
then you have a family and produce some
other offspring that you start to
program in the same way that you were
and then eventually you drop off the end
either into oblivion or into the
recycling bin called reincarnation and
this is the whole point of that from the
system's point of view ultimately I
suggest controlled by a nonhuman force
get them in get them confused get them
out and get another law in at the other
end it's a program control of
information leads to control of
perception and control of perception
leads to control of experience and at
the deeper deeper levels of this
construct of control they absolutely
know that and that's why they work so
hard with a postage stamp consensus to
keep us from knowing that and this is
why we're seeing the concentration of
information received by people now in
the hands of these internet giants that
are nothing more than fronts for
pentagons and the intelligence networks
and that's why they trawling all this
information even people are challenging
it says all it's because they want to
make money from advertising that's only
one small level of it they want data
because they're working they are fronts
for this pentagon intelligence machine
and the idea is to make sure they
control ultimately in the end all
information that people receive shutting
down the alternative media in the end
even shutting down much of what we call
the mainstream media it's happening
newspapers going out of business because
of this because they know if they can
control the information we receive and
the information we don't receive then
they control us so we are consciousness
ultimately infinite consciousness
expressions points of attention of that
consciousness interacting with itself
but everything changes if we realize
that no more fault lines to dividers of
religion and income bracket and color
and race because we're all one
consciousness having different
experiences we must be kept apart we
must be kept at war with each other and
thus we must identify with the labels
that divide us that's how it works and
you start them young star them young get
them for life this is why the young are
being targeted more than anyone else by
this stuff that's going on now
imprisoned by education which is nothing
more than a download of the system's
version of reality that they want people
to believe for their entire human
experience get them to focus only on
five cents reality don't let them ask
questions and then test them in exams to
make sure they've accepted the download
and if Johnny or Jane will not accept
the download and start asking questions
it's hello
yeah it's mrs. Brown they'd mask
we've got a problem with Johnny and Jane
yet what's that they're asking questions
we can't allow it because they'll all
want to do it and this is why you must
accept the download study shows kids are
born creative geniuses but the education
system destroys imagination exactly what
it's meant to do it's a programming
operation of course people who go
through the program even young people
and accept it or download it
they then pressure others who don't want
to download it to see the world
differently as strange or mad and they
give them a hard time for the crime of
being different I've experienced it just
a little bit I don't care say what your
blood you like you'll be saying
something else tomorrow made you must
believe what we do we've given our minds
away we've given our perceptions away
why should you have a mind of your own
and think for yourself disgusting
we're in prison by conformity or you
must conform what will the neighbors
think don't give a mate in prison
by surviving getting through life if you
can force people or pressure people to
have to serve your system to earn the
money to survive then you got him and so
the imprisonment really is imprisoned by
perception which means perceptual
imprisonment by the postage -stamp
consensus something that we must start
to unravel because that is how we got
into this state of mass human control so
here we are living experiencing in this
vast infinite forever of consciousness
of potentiality of possibility
of limitlessness but we perceive a tiny
tiny fraction of it and anyone that goes
outside of it and perceives differently
he's called mad bad or dangerous and of
course this postage stamp consensus goes
out from the educational institutions
because you pass exams by telling the
postage stamp what it wants to hear and
you go off into the world of Medicine
and politics and the corporate world of
journalism of science of academia and
you take with you that core programming
of normal that perception of how things
are and self -identity and these
institutions are all people by those
that come through that system and they
confirm to each other that that's how
things are journalists don't go to
alternative healers to talk about health
they go to a doctor who will give them
the postage stamp version of Medicine
they won't go to someone who studies
reality with an open mind they'll go to
a scientist who will give them the Stone
Age song sheet version of science and so
it's a self -perpetuating religion
because that's what it is I mean
religion people talk about religion and
on one level this is true it's churches
and mosques and synagogues and temples
and it's belief systems and and
Christianity and Hinduism and Judaism
and Islam but actually they're all the
same and they're only one level of
religion as I'll come to but let's think
about this the scale to which humanity
will allow itself to be programmed in
its perception of reality we are saying
many are accepting that although much of
it there are real
that we are operating within a tiny
sliver of nor pointe -noire nor 5% of the
perceived energy etc that exists in the
universe and yet what the religions say
is all you need to know to live your
life and understand the world and
yourself is between the covers of a
single book within a tiny sliver of nor
plane or nor 5% personally I think
there's probably more to know than that
I just feel it in me water but the fact
is that people people think that that's
true why why why do Muslim people people
brought it to Muslim families invariably
called and become Muslims why do people
born into Jewish families he invariably
become followers of Judaism why do
people born into the southern States of
America invariably become Christians
because with pea programming it's all
they've ever bloody heard so their brain
becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of
belief and perception and thus clearly
as I've just explained they will then in
that state believe any bloody thing and
religion like I say is greater than just
bricks and mortar and temples and
churches all these things are religions
this is the dictionary definition of
religion scrupulous conformity a system
of belief held to with ardour and faith
on that basis mainstream medicine is a
religion academia and education is a
religion politics is a religion and
science is a religion they're all
religions because they are all
scrupulously conforming to a system of
belief held with ardor and faith are
frigging evidence and so politicians let
me tell you what you we should do
postage stamp minds telling us what we
should do I'm an academic let me tell
you what to believe I'm a scientist let
me tell you what reality is about the
funniest one of all I'm a journalist let
me tell you what's going on they are all
followers and priests in the
postage -stamp religion if the blind lead
the blind both shall fall into the ditch
we've got to stop following the blind
and start opening our eyes to what we
see not what they tell us to see in the
kingdom of the blind the one -eyed man is
therefore if you can get the target
population to believe in this narrow
band of postage -stamp reality while you
understand how reality really works you
although you're a few are in a position
of enormous power to control the people
held in the headlights of the hoax and
all that I'm describing is what people
ironically call living in the real world
and now we're moving to the next stage
just I'll mention this briefly the next
stage which is control of reality using
artificial intelligence and where is
this coming out of the same Pentagon
intelligence network hidden hand web
Silicon Valley which is hijacking the
control of information and which is
trawling the personal data of the global
population the idea and they're openly
telling us because the sales pitches it
will make us superhuman
we'll make us post human and subhuman is
that we must be connected through brain
technology interfaces to artificial
intelligence and so artificial
intelligence becomes the human mind no
more than need to control information
then to manipulate perception which
dictates experience no need because AI
becomes our perception directly no
manipulation necessary so how do we
escape this mind prison it's actually
not as difficult as its imagined we
disconnect from the program we stopped
getting our perceptions our beliefs our
senses of reality from the mainstream
everything cuz in the end the mainstream
everything science medicine politics all
of it goes up the pyramid or into the
center of the web whichever analogy you
want and you hit the same force which is
dictating through all of them so while
there are enlightened individuals within
these organizations who are not happy
with what is happening the institutions
themselves are ultimately controlled by
the same force therefore operating to
the same agenda and one of those agendas
is to keep from people the existence of
non -human life for the reasons that I've
talked about and many more now if this
is how we got into this mess you know
people say what are the solutions I'm
not bothered about solutions solutions
are a waste of fricken time if you look
at the history of solutions they usually
lead to more problems in pursuit of more
solutions the way to remove something
you don't like is not to find a solution
it's to remove the cause of the problem
and then it disappears because it cannot
Manifest if the cause is disappeared he
cannot and if that is the problem that
is removing the cause of the problem
taking our minds back taking our
perceptions back becoming people who are
their own perceivers of reality are not
a computer interface with someone else's
because this is a perception of
possibility and limitation that has held
us in servitude for what is called
there's more to know about that
no neumann history and if we go on doing
this if we go on looking up to our
betters and our masters then by not
removing the cause of the problem the
problem will not disappear because
you're still generating it by changing
our self -identity from I am my labels to
I am infinite awareness all that is has
been and ever can be having an
experience of my labels everything
changes that expansion of sense for
identity manifests itself in expansion
of frequency and expansion of the range
and nature of that frequency and thus
the way we interact with possibility and
potentiality and manifest a different
experience we are interpreting
information into a world thus we control
that interpretation if we control our
perceptions which lead to interpretation
when we start seeing ourselves living
ourselves being ourselves as
consciousness a state of awareness
having an experience a transitory
experience in a tiny range of frequency
instead of size of identifying with the
everything changes because our
perceptions have gone through an
explosion of expansion thus our
interaction with possibility and
probability must go through the same
explosion of interaction thus what we
can manifest goes through an explosion
of new possibility this is what happens
when we get caught in the postage stamp
of little me and the five senses alone
my life is such a mess I don't
understand everything what why is this
happening to me when you take the
headset off take the postage stamp off
take the programming off and start again
ah so that's who I really am and have
always been why don't I see the world
like everyone else there's a feller up
there has taken the headset off people
in this room will know this one what
happens when you take the headset off
you're a bloody mad I'm ever so worried
about Billy is gone very strange talking
about extraterrestrials now and
conspiracies I'm every sin worried get
the doctor put him on a pill very
strange I'm people around you peers
people at work who is very straight Doug
be daft and we have to accept that how
about 30 years of it and you can take it
and you can just breeze through it
because forgive them for they know not
what they do
if you're seeing only through the five
senses then you'll see the world in a
certain way and we have to understand
that they will and us they'll think
we're crazy and they would think we're
mad but it doesn't matter because what
matters surely is that we pursue the
truth of what's happening rather than
conform to someone else's truth just for
a quiet life I have this
I have a saying a the price of sanity is
sanity because the price of sanity in a
world that's to such a large extent an
expression of insanity can be a
challenge but only if we only if we make
it so see people say to me oh you've had
a challenging life no well I've said to
someone before I was walking through
Manchester yesterday all day before and
I saw people in wheelchairs
I saw people with no legs I saw blind
people and I've had a challenging
freakin life are you having a laugh
and what challenge again again
interacting with perception and
potentiality who decides if I'd ever to
have that a challenging life or not I do
if I care what other people think of me
if I care about the abuse and the
ridicule I am deciding to be a victim of
that I choose not to be thus the
challenges with me not with the abuser
the price of sanity the price of sanity
maybe sanity but sanity is a gift not a
ball and chain unless we make it so the
only real revolution is a revolution of
perception every other revolution has
just led down the same Road you've been
down that road Neil you know where it
leads and where postage -stamp
revolutions lead is eventually at a more
revolutions going nowhere this is the
question are we going to continue as a
human race with a self -identity of
little me or a self -identity that little
me is only a perception not a reality
and we can also have a self -identity of
the vastness of forever
the real eye is simply awareness a state
of being aware and potentially it can be
as expansive as infinite reality itself
or it can be imprisoned and it's this
awareness beyond the beyond form and all
these things that actually impart leaves
the body at what we call death and it's
if you look at endless or God knows how
many stories now worldwide about
near -death experiences and the common
themes the idea
that death is the end is a what it's
beyond a fricking joke but what happens
is that this awareness becomes entrapped
in bubbles of perception what I call
I am Mars I am a man I am our woman I am
ma Muslim I am our Hindu I am our CEO I
am bus driver
I am ours and this creates this focus of
attention becomes our perception the
bubble program created by accepting all
these sources of information as our
things are they are not and along with
that comes this this arrogance bubble
where anyone outside the bubble saying
actually there's more to know they are
dismissed with a wave of the hand you're
ridiculous you're mad this is how we got
into this situation because that bubble
program is a perception of frequency and
it becomes a frequency likewise of
experience open our minds to the true
self and the both become massively
massively more expanded so what was what
has happened because in the deep in the
shadows not least this non -human force
knows how all this works just wants to
keep us from it we have had our
perception hijacked and through that
this force is dictating our frequency
and thus dictating our experience as the
Buddha is supposed to have said the mind
that perceives the limitation is the
limitation that is the only limitation
that exists limitation is a perception
of limitation my life will never change
while I believe it will never change it
never will you know why because it can't
well we really born to just work pay the
bills and die if we believe that is what
how things are then that is
how things will be but they don't have
to be limitless possibility is a
perception of No Limits it's all us that
are doing this oh I get it it was me all
along yes that is the golden truth that
will set us free of this nonsense where
we think that we're not in control but
someone else is we are creating our
reality they just don't want us to know
that if we don't look in the mirror
everyone else is always to blame and
that's a massive part of this they want
us to blame everybody because while
we're blaming everyone we're missing the
point of what's creating what we're
blaming other people for so I talked
about this conspiracy and the people
behind it yes but we're responsible a
relative handful of people non -human or
not cannot control 7.5 billion unless
the 7.5 billion give their power away
their perceptions away to the few it
can't happen little knee low -frequency
limited feedback loop with all
possibility infinitely high frequency
expanded feedback loop with all
possibility everything is energy and
that's all there is to it match the
frequency to the reality you want and
you can't help but get that reality and
because of this feedback loop if you
take you'll get that's how it
the perception that you need you have to
take means you will get cake
when you say I'm not having it anymore I
am NOT I basically I'm not decoding that
reality I'm not having it I'm not taking
 I will not take it then you don't
get it
if you think you can or think you can't
either way
you're right because of this process and
I we've had some posters made I think
these should be on the wall of every
every house and building in the world
change perception and you change reality
so often people want their reality to
change they want their reality to change
but they won't change their perception
of reality therefore their their reality
never changes because it can't we
dictate decode our experience and
therefore we need to take control of
that process of manifestation of this
so -called controlled hallucination and
that means getting out of the intellect
not getting out of it altogether so we
don't interact with it at all but we
stop it being the master because the
intellect has taken over the human mind
to the point where the intellect is
perceived as the great arbiter of
cleverness and wisdom and genius it is
not Albert Camus said an intellectual is
someone whose mind watches itself why
because the intellect operates in the
realm of the five senses and thus it is
in the world and of it and goes round
and round and round
disappearing up its own ass it's in the
program and of the program and thus
consumed and controlled by the program
this whole system is dominated by what
has its decisions made by what the
intellect and so wait they want to put
in the in select from the earliest
possible age and then keep people in it
for the rest of their lives in the
prison of the mind get them in get them
confused get them out and keep them in
fear which keeps us in a low vibrational
state thus our interactions with
possibility of probability interact on
that low vibrational state but there is
a great escape there is a great escape
from this merry -go -round this carousel
where we think we can catch the horse in
front but we can't because the system's
rigged and the way the way that we
escape is not to try to catch the horse
in front we say bollocks to the
merry -go -round I'm not having it anymore
a famous Native American Black Elk said
at the center of the universe dwells the
Great Spirit and that Center is really
everywhere it is within each of us I
would go beyond the universe which is
just a part of infinite forever and I
would say that infinite awareness in an
awareness of itself that level of
awareness in awareness of its own
infinity is everywhere and we only have
to open our minds to connect with it why
because we are it we have just forgotten
and to get to that point we need to get
out of the head domination of their head
and the intellect so the intellect
serves our consciousness instead of
being its master and its arbiter of all
out of their head and into the heart
which interacts with the infinite
possibility and probability on a
completely different level to the head
this is why they want us to close our
this is why they don't want us to follow
and knowing our intuition which comes
from this energy Sen
they want us in here because then they
got us the human brain has two
hemispheres which although it's it the
the brain is holographic so everything
is everywhere but there are areas of
specialization the left brain and the
right brain do not see reality the same
the right brain is much closer to the
heart and the left brain is well outside
of the hearts perception of reality in
the program world we live in today the
left side of the brain decodes reality
to see the little picture to see
everything as apart from everything else
it's a method of communication is
thought and its center of operations is
the five senses it's the scientists the
academic the politician the journalist
the system thinker it is the home of the
postage stamp the right brain sees
connections it sees therefore the big
picture it sees not pixels it sees
pictures it sees connections you cannot
understand the world from the left brain
because it seems as everything is apart
from everything else you can only
understand the world through the right
side of the brain which sees how
everything is ultimately connected it's
method of communication is intuition
knowing and its area of operation or the
higher senses it is the artist it is the
creative it is the out -of -the -box people
it is imagination it is the Maverick who
will not be conformed into being like
everyone else and where is the education
completely and utterly focused on the
subjects of Education the nature of how
it works is overwhelmingly almost
entirely targeting the left brains of
children to put them in that
intellectual prison
from the earliest possible age and the
way to overcome that and to activate the
right side of the brain is through the
heart heart consciousness love wisdom
perspective context there's an
organization in America called the
Institute of heart math which
specializes in researching and studying
the power of the heart not the physical
heart though they are connected but this
energetic vortex heart in the center of
the chest and they say the heart field
is one thousand hunt one hundred
thousand times more electrically
powerful than the brain and five
thousand times more magnetically
powerful what that says in another
language and another context is more
electrically powerful more magnetically
powerful it means more expanded in its
awareness more expanded in its
perception more expanded in its
understanding the head thinks it's a
very low level of operation thinking
thinking thinks because it doesn't know
that's why it thinks and has to work
things out the belly feels in this world
of manipulation often feels low
vibrational emotions much of the time
but the heart knows and the heart knows
because it's connected to that level of
consciousness that does know and thus
when we talk about intuition we don't
say my intuition thinks we say my
intuition knows and look at the body
language where do we point to when we
say I'm thinking I'm thinking I'm
thinking where do our hands go when we
say I know I just know it stinked ibly
to that point of interaction with
expanded reality which does frikkin know
people think too much and so know too
little and that's the idea and always
has been
Einstein said I never made one of my
discoveries through the process of
rational thinking no his mind wandered
out into the infinite possibility of
potentiality and possibility and that's
where the inspiration came from this is
where all the great people who were said
to be ahead of their time
that's where they go to because they're
not ahead of their time
they're outside of time and this
construct in which time is a fundamental
part of the hoax thinking is bubble
perception creates division apartness
because that's how it perceives the
freaking world knowing the heart knows
we're all one and thus perceives that to
be the case
low-frequency head-to-head
high -frequency heart -to -heart and met
amazing how we talk about people in
terms of heart absolutely how how is
your heart open how is it not we talk
about people having a big heart being
heartless being having a cold heart and
what is heartless
what does heartless mean it means that
this vortex is closed down and the head
is in total control of perception and
those people we call psychopaths and the
hair test of psychopathic traits is
headed by no empathy then comes no
remorse no shame parasites pathological
liars do whatever it takes to get what
we want and they are the character
traits of those that control human
society that we now call the 1% or the
elite why because they have closed parts
thus they have no emotional consequence
for anything they do and they want
to draw us into that same state of being
thus as the Native Americans said there
are there are two wolves inside people
one is the head it is anger Envy sorrow
regret greed arrogance self -pity guilt
resentment inferiority lies false pride
superiority and Eagle that is where they
want humanity to be but there is the
heart it is joy at his love peace
serenity humility kindness benevolence
empathy generosity truth compassion and
as the Native Americans say which wolf
wins the one you feed the most and our
society is structured to feed that and
we have to stop doing it otherwise this
world will never change and in most
people there is this war between the
heart and the head that goes on and on
and on what does your heart say well my
head says this all you can't do that oh
no what will be mother think what would
the people at work think and what we
need is this heart brain balance in this
world but not of it and that's the
that's the route home
and this is a meter step set this up
before I go any further there's a native
of knowledge Native American prophecy
there's an ancient prophecy about the
time in the latter part of the fifteenth
century when the head would take over
but there was a time this prophecy says
in the 1990s when the heart will start
to return and this briefly is just a
description of what that prophecy says
human societies decided to go on two
different paths one was the path of the
Condor which is really the path of the
heart of the intuition and the other was
the path of the eagle which is the path
of the mind of the science of the
Industrial and they went their separate
routes it was prophesized that during
what is known as the eighth pachuco D at
pachikuri is a five -minute year period
which would begin in the 1490s the
Eagles peoples would become so powerful
that they were practically drive the
Condor people into extinction but the
prophecy goes on to say that during the
next five hundred year interval
beginning in the 1990s we would arrive
at a time with the potential for the two
to come together for the eagle and the
Condor to fly in one sky to dance
together and to create a whole new level
of consciousness and so it's up to us to
make it happen I already saw that a few
months ago and it took my mind back to
when I wrote this book when I had the
experiences that led to this book truth
vibrations and it happened in 1990 and
when the top of my head blew off in the
wagon show and all that in fact the year
before that before it all went public I
met a series of psychics one I generally
I went to see because I decided to go to
see her but the others were just
synchronistically coming into my life I
thought I lived in a world of psychics
at the time for about two months and
there was a common theme that I was told
through all these different people that
there was a vibrational change coming
that was going to wake humanity up from
its slumber that was going to wake it up
from this coma that we've been put in
and that at the same time as people
started to tease open their minds more
and more obviously all that had been
hidden would be revealed to us
this vibration would bring everything to
the surface that had been hidden so
we could see it at last that's why I
gave the name to the book the truth
vibrations and I when I look back at
1990 when I came across this there was
no evidence whatsoever that this was
happening or would happen and now I look
at the world from the perspective of
2018 on my own journey now of
consciously anyway of thirty years
nearly and what I was told would happen
is happening look at what we know now
that we didn't know in 1990 look at what
we didn't know five years ago two years
ago and more and more look at the number
of people who are questioning reality
and questioning the world and world
events like never before and not just in
terms of numbers but in terms of the
kind of people who are suddenly seeing
it or starting to see it it's because
this vibrational change is starting to
manifest more and more and more
obviously and so when things when things
look look bleak and if you only see them
through the five sense mirror the five
sense filter they look bleak but they're
not we're in the process of the
immovable force looking into the eye of
the apparently immovable object
but the immovable object this conspiracy
to control human society is not
immovable but the force that's now
beginning to manifest in the hearts and
minds of more and more people is
irresistible and we need to move from
the the the thinking about it to for
doing it because we'll never change the
world by being what we want to change we
have to be what we want the world to be
and realize individually and
collectively that it is us and it has
been all along
and what a power that is the only
control is the control we perceive to be
control the real control the real power
is within all of us and postage -stamp
revolutions are going to change nothing
violent action becomes a violent world
and that's why revolution creates more
and more of the same and we need to
realize that our response dictates what
happens next if we sit by and keep quiet
and just complain about what's happening
but don't stand up and scream it from
the rooftops don't do everything we can
to alert people to what's going on if we
quietly a queasy acquiesce because we
fear what other people might think or
what authority might do then that
response will lead to more of the same
when we say I'm not having it anymore
I'm all there is has been and ever can
be having an experience what's the worst
that can happen I am I am a point of
attention swimming and streaming through
infinite reality forever and I'm worried
about what this guy might do what this
guy this person might say are you
kidding and we have to realize again
this is why this information is so
important but while we may look
different and we may have different
colors and cultures and religions we're
all one consciousness having different
and then when we realize that the fault
lines will fall because the few can only
control the many by dividing than ruling
the many and setting them at war with
itself when you say to someone who are
you what will they give you they'll give
you a list of labels that they have self
define themselves by how often do you
see people say hello nice to meet you
who are you
oh I'm infinite consciousness all that
has been ever can be and you say oh yeah
so am I thought I recognized you what a
different way of perceiving the world
instead of fighting each other for
dominance for dominance of what of a
transitory experience the human
condition in one word unconscious the
answer into becoming conscious beyond
the program of mind I woke up what does
that mean I woke up
people say I'm seeking enlightenment I'm
waking up what's the point in seeking
something you already are we already
enlightened we already are an expression
of all that is has been it ever can be
what waking up means is nothing more
than removing the onion skins of
programming that control our perception
and keep us in a state of perceptual
limitation this is the control system
for life this is how we get out of this
mess and far quicker than anyone can
ever imagine this is the revolution and
it's time has come thank you very much
to have you drive


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